How to test my email setup

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  • Benedict Appleby

    I have spent 20 minutes trying to find ANYWHERE in Zendesk where I can launch a support ticket.

    Zendesk is suddenly not pulling any mail from Gsuite at all. Have tested personal accounts and everything sits in Gsuite, not pulling into Zendesk. We have made no change to DNS or triggers in months. Can not see any issues with Zendesk status for our pod.

    Urgently need some assistance please.

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Benedict,

    To test your email channel, you can create a test by sending a test email using your personal email address to your Zendesk Support address. You can find your Zendesk support address in the Admin Center > Channels > Email settings page.

    If you have already done this and tickets are still not created in Zendesk as expected, please check your Suspended tickets view. If you continue to experience issues, I highly suggest that you raise a ticket with us directly from your Support account. See Contacting Zendesk Customer Support and we'll be glad to assist you from there.

    Thank you!

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