What is the difference between calendar hours and business hours conditions?

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  • Laura Kopp

    Do business hours omit holidays?  So if I define my schedule as Monday-Friday 9-5 and Monday 5/28/23 as a holiday in my schedule, will the automation use 9 AM on 5/29/23 as the start of business hours for the week?

  • Darenne
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Laura Kopp,

    Hope you're doing fine! That's correct, business hours exclude holidays. Schedule holidays for days that should be treated as non-business hours. These are dates when your business is closed and agents are not available to respond to support requests.

    In your case, if you set 5/28/2023 as Holiday and it is part of the business hours, it should be excluded and the system will start on the next day. 


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