Who receives the satisfaction rating if a ticket is reassigned?

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  • Nikki Trinidad

    What if assignee #1 took 1 month to fix the ticket and the ticket sits there for a too long then assigned the ticket to assignee #2 then resolved the ticket. So the CSAT will be against assignee#2 although the touch point is just a day vs 1 month of assignee #1. Do we have a work around for this?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Nikki,
    With the scenario you shared, regardless of how long an agent handles the ticket, the CSAT will always be recorded on the last assignee of the ticket. There's no automatic process that will assign the CSAT to the agent who spent the most time on the ticket. The workaround is as what is stated in the article wherein the new assignee can reassign the ticket back to the original assignee before solving the ticket so the CSAT will be recorded to that agent.

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