Getting Started with Advanced Encryption (EAP)

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  • Ashley Wyant

    Hello there,

    I need to enable email encryption for my agents on Zendesk. Is there a feature already available for admin to turn on or will I need to purchase a plug-in? This is available in normal email systems so it would be helpful if Zendesk mirrored that as well. 

  • Anunay Sinha
    Zendesk Product Manager


    Advanced Encryption ensures that the data "at rest" is encrypted at all times. For data "in motion/ in transit" such as email, currently we employ opportunistic-TLS, so that any inbound or outbound email traffic that is being sent from (inbound) or to (outbound) an email server that is TLS ready will be an encrypted relay. The overwhelming majority of email traffic that gets relayed now is encrypted with TLS. Having said that, another feature is in the works that would have us passing the eml file over to their external server for them to send, where other encryption schemas (S/MIME) might conceivably be used for outbound sending.


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