Release notes through 2023-07-14

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  • Craig Stiles

    New UI is awful. can we use the old one. New one makes no sense. 

    I cannot read the thread while typing my new stuff. It's just bad. 

    Yes I can adjust the text box but it is still not that great. it still covers way too much. then If I make it small so I can read the old parts of the thread My new part gets covered up. IT's just bad. no e-mail app I have ever used was displayed like this. It is not intuitive at all. Who built this feature? Someone who never uses it?


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Craig, 
    Appreciate you sharing you feedback with us. I would recommend adding your concerns to this existing Agent Workspace Feedback thread since that is actively being monitored by our product managers. 

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