Role Permissions for Groups and Organizations


  • Becky

    I completely agree with Shannon on this one. We have a few senior staff members who need access to edit organization fields, but they should not be able to create or delete organizations. I set up a security role for "Team Lead" that would allow higher access for these key staff members, but I was disappointed to find that I am unable to designate some of the more granular security privileges that our organization needs. 

  • Collin Cunninghame

    +1. We have users who need to be able to manage the groups other users belong to, but they absolutely don't need the ability to delete or create entire groups. 

  • Dan Sowden

    +1. The level of control around editing, deleting tickets, adding tags etc. should be available for users and organisations too - it's far too easy and destructive for agents to delete users instead of simply suspending them.

  • Amber Martin

    +1! We have over 150 agents utilizing Zendesk and this is leaving to much room for error.

  • Heather R

    Agree! I upvoted this one.

  • Crystal Carrow

    Agreed and upvoted!


  • Elizabeth Toy

    Also agree that there need to be more granular permissions for organizations, similar to the permission options available for users.


    We also noticed that when a user does not have the permission (add or modify groups & organizations) they aren't even able to see the list of organizations on the "People" admin page. But they could search for and open an organization's page. Just can't see a list of all the organizations...


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