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  • Trapta
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    Hi @Nickie,

    You don't have to add any dynamic content for Zendesk Helpers as all the helpers support multi-language. All you have to take care about is adding their localized text in their respective settings.

    Let's take your example of {{#link 'help_center'}}{{}}{{/link}} : In this case, all you need to do is, add localized text for you help_center name in each language you support for your HC under the general settings area. See the steps below -

    Let me know if you face any issue.


    Team Diziana

  • Nickie Brudowsky
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    @Trapta thx for the explanation, but I used a bad example. I don't actually want to use the "help center" link, it was just an example... And I understand certain helpers will automatically translate. However, putting aside *which* helper I'm wanting to use, I want to know how to implement ANY placeholder at all in the dynamic content. For example, I cannot put the "Submit a request" link into the header or footer where I want it -- {{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request'}}.

    Additionally, I understand that I can leave it in the template files, but I have reasons to include them in the dynamic content areas, in order to keep continuity. It also states, under the Dynamic Content text field: "You can also use placeholders in your text." But that doesn't seem to be the case. Unless I'm missing something, like if the formatting has to be different.

  • Trapta
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    In that case, you need to add HTML of helpers and then replace the HC helper with dynamic_content. Find the steps below -

    In your template, replace


    and you are done.

    Let me know this if this resolves your query.





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