Trigger Keeps Auto-Firing



  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Check the event log to see what is actually firing the notification.
    A trigger will only fire when a ticket is updated. There is no reason it should fire more than once per update.
    An automation on the other hand can fire more than once but generally this is blocked by rules.

  • Matt Foley

    Reviewing the Event Log this is what I see.


  • Amie B

    Hey Matt,

    You could add a tag into the All conditions & Action of your trigger. This should then prevent the trigger from firing a second/many times thereafter. I've added a screenshot below of the 2 conditions you'd need to add to your existing trigger. 

    Basically, once the trigger runs once, it will add the tag via the action the first time. Then if the trigger attempts to run again, the condition in the ALL CONDITIONS will prevent it because the ticket will already contain that tag. 


    Hopefully this does the trick for you. :)



  • Matt Foley

    Thank you Amie <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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