Display Organisation data to End Users


  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Stephen,

    You may need to customize your Help Center theme to have the info show up on the end-user's profile page on the Help Center. That would require you to customize at least the user profile page template of your theme.

    But, it's possible to have this information visible to end-users via a ticket field. A workaround is to create a dropdown ticket field whose values and value tags are identical to the values of the custom organization field. This way, when a user submits a ticket, the tag associated with the org field will be inherited by the new ticket, which will then automatically set the corresponding value on the ticket field. With the Support Level ticket field set to read-only for end-users, the information will be visible to them when they view their tickets.

    Note that the workaround may only apply to new tickets moving forward. On existing tickets, the ticket field value won't automatically be set with the presence of tags. You may need to utilize your triggers or automations to automatically update the ticket field based on the value selected on the org field on these tickets.

    Thanks Stephen!


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