Nesting drop-down values doesn't show full path selected on ticket form or within the field itself


  • Sydney Neubauer

    I would also like to add if there was the option to jump to a previous selection. For example, if you were able to see the previous options, you could select any of the options and the field would jump to those options.

  • CJ Johnson

    I think you could get around this by setting up like: Delivery::Delivery > Where is My Order?, but I agree that an out of the box solution that showed the previous selections would be easier to maintain and less prone to human error. Once you get a few nests deep, it's going to be a pain for the admin who has to set it up to remember to do "Delivery::Order Late::Delivery>Order Late>Before Expected Arrival Date" or what have you, for every option. Plus, being able to select on or two back like Sydney describes would be helpful/nifty as well. 


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