Bring back quick assign to Agent Workspace


  • Rudolph

    I would also like to see this feature returned for the sake of agent efficiency!

  • Chris B

    This is the most frustrating missing feature among our team.  Please add it to the Agent Workspace 🙏🏻

  • Daniela Breitenberger

    I'd appreciate it as well if the quick assign option could be returned, please! 

  • Twan van Hulten

    Good point. We also miss this feature very much since we switched to Agent Workspace. The lack of this function does not help to work more efficiently.

  • Camilla Savoia

    Yes, PLEASE bring back! It's disrupted a lot of processes and efficiencies for my team, as well as accuracy issues with tickets getting re-assigned to the right agent groups (leading to issues going unresolved or being resolved incorrectly)

  • Yolanda Villalobos

    Before Agent Workspace, there was an option to assign a ticket that was available next to an agent's name and avatar on the comments they had made on a ticket. This made is extremely easy to assign...

  • Iris Medina

    It really is efficient. Please bring it back, we have various CSR's that work in different Hizzies and wrong tickets get assign to the wrong warehouses. :(

  • Kim

    Agreed, it would be a big efficiency win to bring this back. Thanks!

  • Reagan

    def an efficiency win if we could get this back, thanks!

  • Ashley

    This feature helps us work quickly and seamlessly! Would greatly appreciate bringing it back!

  • Chris B

    Lots of votes to add this to the AW!  Any word from a Zendesk Product Manager - is it on the roadmap?

  • Maria Buil

    It would be great to have this back, it made our work way easier!


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