How to view a list of all Organizations, with the Organization fields as the columns?


  • Justin Smith

    Hey Andrew!

    I've taken a look through your request and unfortunately we don't have a method to achieve that desired workflow at this time.

    Views are designed to hold and manage tickets but they can also be grouped or sorted by Organization fields.  If you only want to track a few organizations and sort them by a common Org Field, a View could serve that sort of function, but it isn't designed to just show all the organizations in your account. Otherwise if you want to just get a large list of users and their  Organizations, you can create a customer list to just sort it by "Organization is Known."

    Other than that, the only option we have right now would be to grab the information using an API call and then sorting it through your own methods.  All of our API documentation can be found at

  • Don Wood

    I would also like to see this feature.

  • Menno Holtkamp

    Same here!


    A lot of our customers have various branch stores in different locations, for example:


    • McDonalds, Country X, City Y, Borough Z
    • McDonalds, Country X2, City Y2, Borough Z2
    • McDonalds, Country N, City N, Borough N

    Currently searching for "McDonalds" and selecting the "Organisations" tab, would give us an overview of entries matching the search queries, but ONLY the name of the Organisations. So we got a long list of "McDonalds". 

    It would be nice to indicate custom Organisation Fields to be listed on the search results as well, so an agent can quickly scan the results and select the Organisation it wants to open.

    The answer: "you can use our API" is an answer, but we choose Zendesk for a reason: have all support agents work in a single system not to have to do this ourselves and focus on our core business. 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey everyone!

    I'm going to go ahead and move this post over to our Product Feedback topic. This will ensure that our Product Managers see your suggestions and use cases (even though they're not always able to respond).

  • Brian Hellman

    Going to +1 this request because it's something that is needed.

  • Kelsey

    This would be a very useful feature! 

  • Liberty Gallagher

    My company really needs this feature as well!

  • Imbi Joy

    I would appreciate this feature as well.

    My company is finishing up a Salesforce-Zendesk integration, and I wanted to send our Salesforce admin our list of organizations and associated domains but this functionality does not seem to currently exist in a user-friendly utility. This is a shame, since the fields are available!

    A workaround option is to use the Reporting functionality if your company has it (I'm not sure if only certain levels of Zendesk customer has this). See screenshot below that shows how to access this (Reporting icon, Insights tab, GoodData link).

    I was then able to create a report of # tickets for an Organization and the Ticket Requester Domain. There are domains not being captured by this report if a user from a domain has not filed a ticket however, so still need to manually go through and verify, but this at least got me started. Same with organization, this will only show the list of organizations if a ticket has been created for them.

  • Alicia Solis

    I would also like to be able to see a list of all Organizations in Zendesk. 

  • Tobias Hermanns

    We also need it.


    We have "Gold Partner" they´re flagged in Organization.


    I want do a View where showing me all "Gold" and their Agent.

  • Kirk Hurford

    Was there ever a capability created to view organization lists? 


  • Morgan Callue

    This would be very helpful as you would be able to look at the organizations in one place with any information you have applied to each Org. It's a helpful way to give businesses an overview of their customers/teams/clients

  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Kirk Hurford - This functionality has not been developed. 

    Morgan Callue - thanks for adding your comment. 

  • Martin

    I would like to see this too - so +1 from me.

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    We are currently using the Salesforce <> Zendesk integration. After QAing a few users that should've been linked to a Zendesk Organization, we found that these orgs weren't linked since the Domain field wasn't being mapped properly from Zendesk. In most cases it is, but every now and then, it isn't.

    We'd really like to do a deeper dive into all of the Zendesk Organizations in our instance currently to identify all that have been created without a Domain field filled out so that we can understand why this field isn't being mapped properly and ensure that ALL organizations have a Domain listed. Right now, we're just discovering them as we find them.

    Even having a Zendesk Organizations report or view that I could regularly monitor would be extremely helpful!


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