Ability to forward emails into an existing ticket


  • Michael Hoyte

    This is also a problem for us, I have setup the macro which works but it is wasting agents time having to run the macro in Zendesk, copy the code, delete the code in Zendesk then paste it into the email. Surely there is an easier, less time consuming way?

  • Heather R

    @ Jeremy - sorry I'm just seeing your comment and I bet you already solved it....

    I have used the macro as shown above, but it won't leave a private comment. It's always public. What do I have to change for it to come out private?

    I would imagine you have to add or update "set comment mode" to Private

    Does that work for you? If not, definitely email support at support@zendesk.com

  • Adam Petersson

    @Heather R I tried your tip but when executing the scneario/macro I just get the brackets with no ID in between. Do you have any idea why? Please see images below. It's in Swedish but the important part is the formating of the macro I guess and that's exactly like you wrote it.



  • Gregory Batty

    I wanted to bump this thread. The macro worked for me at first, but now I am having the same issue as was reported by Jeremy. Nothing has changed within my macro, and "Comment Mode" is set to "Private".

    Also, I second Michael Hoyt's comment. It would be nice to have this as a built-in feature.

  • Johan Orstadius

    I've used the ticket token for almost a year to forward tickets into "existing" tickets. This JUST stopped working for me and I now notice a new ticket is created even though I am using the ticket_encoded id in the response. Nothing has changed on my side so apparently Zendesk has done something.


    What's going on? This is really bad for our current workflow.



  • Eric Thirolle

    I just want to reiterate that the lack of this feature is a big miss by ZenDesk. MANY customer of ZenDesk will find this to be a very useful feature.

    For a point of reference/comparison, Cisco TAC's case management system has two email addresses to which you can forward an email: one for internal case notes, the other for public (customer-viewable) case notes. All you had to do was:

    • make sure the subject line included the TAC case number
    • forward the email to the appropriate email address (depending on whether you wanted to attach the email as internal or public note)

    This feature is VERY well-used in TAC for easily adding emails into the case notes. It also allowed us to add WebEx invites to the case notes very easily (by simply including the attach email address to the list of attendees).


  • Ricky Davis



    I am sending you an email at this time to look into the behavior you're experiencing! Please, be on the lookout for my email.

  • Johan Orstadius

    Awesome Ricky, thanks for looking into this - we LOVE this feature. And it seems more people feel the same :)

  • Gregory Batty



    I found a setting that I believe was causing the issue (update via email going public).

    This is in Admin > Settings > Tickets > Settings > Comments > "Agent comments via email are public by default".

    Hope this helps!

  • Darryl Rains

    We are currently evaluating ticketing sustems to replace our existing Sharepoint solution. I can honestly say that if we cant forward email to a specific ticket; Zendesk isnt an option.

  • Ryan

    This is a bit of a workaround that will only work for agents, but for some it is an easy way to forward emails into tickets or even just create quick response emails to make different types of NEW tickets.

    So as an example I would forward an email to create a new ticket assigned to myself by forwarding the email and adding the following to the body:

    #type question
    #priority normal
    #tags helpdesk
    I can then locate that ticket in my queue and merge it with the existing ticket. May help a bit for some!


  • Heather R

    @Adam Peterson,
    I cant seem to zoom in on your screenshot but perhaps your brackets need to be fixed. It has to be exactly [{{ and }}]

  • Heather R

    Awesome, Vinod!

  • Micah Mount

    Hi @Heather R

    Thank you for sharing your workaround--very helpful!

  • Kate

    We are trying to forward attachments to the zendesk ticket which have come through to our personal email so we can reply to the customer via zendesk. 

    Will try Heathers work around. We are also new customers and wouldn't have bother with zendesk if we'd known this function wasn't available before signing up


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