Ability to forward emails into an existing ticket


  • Johan Orstadius

    I've used the ticket token for almost a year to forward tickets into "existing" tickets. This JUST stopped working for me and I now notice a new ticket is created even though I am using the ticket_encoded id in the response. Nothing has changed on my side so apparently Zendesk has done something.


    What's going on? This is really bad for our current workflow.



  • Darryl Rains

    We are currently evaluating ticketing sustems to replace our existing Sharepoint solution. I can honestly say that if we cant forward email to a specific ticket; Zendesk isnt an option.

  • Vinod Poduval

    https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/profiles/995036246-Heather-R this solution is working for us

  • Micah Mount

    Hi @Heather R

    Thank you for sharing your workaround--very helpful!

  • Richard Hartley

    @Amanda Bohl - no new functionality, as far as I can tell. It has to be on Zendesk's priority list by now.

    The macro workaround higher up this thread is what we are using.  Just be careful to check the setting highlighted by Gregory Batty here -



  • Allison Ramsey-Henry

    We use a trigger to send out an automatic email notifying requesters that we got their ticket and providing the number. Some of these tickets come from third parties or other ticketing systems. Do you think we could also include the ticket encoded ID to make it easy for them to respond and have it update? 

  • Lucas

    If you want to automatically display the Encoded ID without having to run a macro manually, you can use this method.

    Setup a new Ticket Field

    1. Create a new Ticket Field (Text) - note down the field ID
    2. Add the Ticket Field to your Ticket Form

    Create a HTTP Target

    1. Create a new HTTP Target (Settings > Extensions) with the following settings
    • URL: https://YOURDOMAIN.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets/{{ticket.id}}.json
    • Method: PUT
    • Content type: JSON
    • Enable Basic Authentication (failing to do this will cause the target to fail)

    Create a trigger

    1. Create a new trigger that will run matching your required conditions
    2. Add an action: Notify Target 
    3. Enter the following JSON


    "custom_fields": [{"id": INPUTFIELDIDHERE, "value":"[{{ticket.encoded_id}}]"}]


    Now each time your trigger conditions are met, the ticket will display the Encoded ID as per below.

  • Stephen Belleau

    Nicole S.

    I have observed Alejandro Colon investing so much time in the community over this past week, creating dozens of feature requests, sharing detailed use cases, and commenting on posts like this. He has even encouraged other users to not give up hope.

    We all understand that timelines can't be committed to, but is it out of the question to have Product at least acknowledge the request and say "This is not a priority for 2020" or "We see the need and are reviewing roadmap priorities to see if/when it can fit", or "Tell us more about how this is impacting you".

    More transparency and product acknowledgement would be great. Please keep Alejandro engaged! You have an incredibly invested power-user with a wealth of feedback to share, and I would hate to see him lose hope and see the feedback community as a black hole. 

    Alejandro Colon Also, I need to apologize. You've submitted several posts that resonate with our own use cases and I have yet to find the time to chime in and upvote. I see you, and appreciate your efforts to make this platform better for all.

  • Alejandro Colon

    Stephen Belleau

    Thank you for your kind words and you have no need to be sorry. I really appreciate you going out of your way to post that.

    I completely understand that everyone is busy and not able to devote as much time as they would like to the community. I recently have had some free time and I have been lurking this community for years before I eventually had the time to participate in a meaningful way. 


    I completely agree with what you are saying in regards to requesting some more transparency and acknowledgement from Zendesk concerning feature requests. 

    I personally do not think it is too much to ask that Zendesk acknowledge a request and say as you stated, "This is not a priority for 2020." Maybe even a little something along the lines of this is not something we are actively planning on NOT doing. I would take a "We have no reason why we would not implement this in the future." I have seen feature requests where Zendesk has responded that they are not going to implement a feature request and I would much rather have that response than no response from Zendesk. Obviously, only if it is true. Please do not lie. 


    Seriously, though please do not feel obligated to upvote or chime in just because I posted something or asked for a vote. I really try and preface any post asking for support that people only support if they feel comfortable with it and it aligns with their use cases. Thankfully, it seems like that is what you are referring to and I am glad. 


    I would also like to say that Nicole has been a major force in pushing this community in the right direction. Without her, people like me would not be this committed to the community. I know as a Community Team there is only so much you can do or even say in some cases.

    While I can only speak for myself, Stephen is absolutely correct I sincerely would like to make this platform and community better. I hope that it does not seem as I am simply saying that, I believe that my actions have been able to show that as well.


    Last thing before I get off of my soapbox. 

    I shouldn't have to but I kind of feel obligated to say the following statement. 

    "I did not ask Stephen to say or post anything. As far as I know, I do not know Stephen outside of this community, and to my recollection, I am not quite sure we have spoken before. I have posted a lot so I cannot be absolutely sure we have not spoken before. But, I can say for sure I did not ask or pay anyone to post nice things about me."

    lol I just wanted to make sure that was clear. 

  • Michel Schuurman


    To Nicole:

    It is a disgrace that ZenDesk in no way comes with a proper response to a feature request which is supported by lots of users and which was requested FIVE years ago. 


  • Pavel Karkarin

    I use zendesk domain as support email address, so if I send an email to support+id{ticket.id}@domain.zendesk.com, then the email comes as suspended ticket. It can be recovered, in which case the comment will be added to {ticket.id}. This is the best that I could find so far. 

    The other option is to rummage through tons of email trying to find email address with ticket token in it aka support+id{ticket token}@domain.zendesk.com which allows to send updates to your ticket without mandatory suspension. 

    The only trick is to be careful forwarding data from one ticket thread into another ticket email :) as it is likely to update previous ticket.

  • Tom Browning

    We also really need this feature. In other solutions (Freshdesk, for example) it's trivially easy to send an email to an existing ticket.

    I can understand not wanting to allow spam in; however could you not just allow a domain to be whitelisted? Or cross reference the email address with the list of end-users and agents with sufficient permissions to update the ticket?

  • Pavel Karkarin

    I would be even okay to use ticket token but there seems to be no way to get ticket token in ticket view. I can only get it from reply-to email sent by Zendesk. 


    It would be useful to see it somewhere in ticket view... Zendesk guys, is it possible?

  • Christina

    +1 on this request for us as well.

  • Sean Casey

    I read all forums on this subject and I too would like this feature enabled. Please add it!

  • GIRAUD Alexandre


    Actually testing the product, and this is a must have feature who is missing, and I still wonder if i will extend trial for my company without this feature.

  • John Bowles

    This functionality needs to be added to the next Zendesk release. Too many times I have customers send me email to my personal email account and goes undocumented in the case notes unless I copy and paste the email into the notes manually.  

    Thanks Zendesk Team!

  • Christopher Fogarty

    +1, also need this functionality.

  • DanLauer

    +1 How can this not be a feature? Clients routinely email outside of the ticket thread and we need to post those emails and their attachments to the ticket. It's astonishing that there is no existing way to do this.

  • Şule Erözer

    +1, also need this functionality.It will be so useful.

  • Chris Swinney

    +1 I have asked too for this functionality via support, but failed to get a positive outcome.

  • Ian Christopher de Jesus

    Hi Everyone,

    We're currently investigating if we would be able to create this functionality in Gmail. I will keep everyone updated as we progress on this.



    PM - Integrations

  • GIRAUD Alexandre


    I'm not sure that Zendesk agents need an integrated solution and especially with a single provider like gmail. In this case, could be more interesting to have an Outlook Add-On as many of us use it.

    BTW for my point of view, just to have a possibility to forward email with a specific tag inside mail body (or subject) for match target case number; will permit to inject last mail in the case and so go on tracking.

    Don't hesitate if need further information, and feel free others customers who wait this features (since 2y now) to complete my idea or saying if not shared.




  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    @ Jeremy - sorry I'm just seeing your comment and I bet you already solved it....

    I have used the macro as shown above, but it won't leave a private comment. It's always public. What do I have to change for it to come out private?

    I would imagine you have to add or update "set comment mode" to Private

    Does that work for you? If not, definitely email support at support@zendesk.com

  • Adam Petersson

    @Heather R I tried your tip but when executing the scneario/macro I just get the brackets with no ID in between. Do you have any idea why? Please see images below. It's in Swedish but the important part is the formating of the macro I guess and that's exactly like you wrote it.



  • Ricky Davis



    I am sending you an email at this time to look into the behavior you're experiencing! Please, be on the lookout for my email.

  • Johan Orstadius

    Awesome Ricky, thanks for looking into this - we LOVE this feature. And it seems more people feel the same :)

  • Ryan

    This is a bit of a workaround that will only work for agents, but for some it is an easy way to forward emails into tickets or even just create quick response emails to make different types of NEW tickets.

    So as an example I would forward an email to create a new ticket assigned to myself by forwarding the email and adding the following to the body:

    #type question
    #priority normal
    #tags helpdesk
    I can then locate that ticket in my queue and merge it with the existing ticket. May help a bit for some!


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    @Adam Peterson,
    I cant seem to zoom in on your screenshot but perhaps your brackets need to be fixed. It has to be exactly [{{ and }}]

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Awesome, Vinod!


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