[Closed for comments] Add or Edit Tags on Closed tickets


  • Univa IT

    Just hit this issue trying to mass-import from another ticket system, and then deciding I need to change some tags.

  • Christopher Lasota

    ZenDesk, come on, make a move.

    Ummm, No. You say you are new so allow me to fill you in on something. Zendesk has no interest in allowing you to do anything with closed tickets. They worship at the alter of ITIL. The needs of the customer come second. 


  • Florian Lackerbauer


    absolutely necessary if you import tickets...

  • Kristy Ramos

    It's been 6 years since this particular thread began; I don't think Zendesk is inclined. I doubt this is the only mention/reference of this.   Perhaps I will turn my mind to a workaround using Excel/Macros.  Sucks, but hey - technology ;)  If anyone is interested in putting heads together on this, ping me.  I am also going to a local Zendesk user group in San Francisco in a week; I will mention there and see if anyone has any workarounds.  

  • Wilson Morales

    I would suggest a revisit of being able to re-open closed tickets. If my team is taking 1000 to 1500 tickets a month and I have to review them and have to make changes in tags or even wording on some items specifically possibly having information that we are not supposed to have in there this function is needed. I see that this has been asked for several years and still not implemented.  Please take into consideration this voice of the customer.

  • Brad Hickey

    Would definitely like this as well.


    My case:


    We just discovered that instead of one blanket issue with our product was actually two separate things. We'd like to go back in our old tickets and add tags so we can differentiate when we go to check reports so we can see the overall impact of each issue. This would help us decide which one we should address first. 

  • Chris Mccraw

    I have many of the same needs as the others listed here:

    1. change tags on old tickets to match evolving standards
    2. fix tags on mistagged tickets which have closed before we noticed
    3. add tags to capture new information that suddenly became interesting in old tickets

    All with the goal of reporting about stats on all tickets - including both old and new.  Things like SLA misses (which we use a tag for that is manually removed in case it was on there in error) can make a big difference in perception and in the bottom line - do we need to hire more support engineers?  Do we owe our customer a $100,000 refund for failing to adhere to our SLA's?

    It would be acceptable, though non-awesome, if there were editable "meta tags" that could be manipulated that are not technically part of the ticket tags but still are per ticket.  Workflow could be:  tag added.  trigger adds forever-editable "meta tag" and/or I review an old ticket and add it myself.  Insights supports meta tag reporting.  Suddenly my SLA graphs are true again.

  • Carl Giardina

    I think it's complete nonsense that as our business evolves and our data analysis capabilities grow that we don't have the ability to re-characterize tickets (by updating/assigning relevant tags)..

    I'm getting really fed up with limitations everywhere I turn.. and seriously considering a migration.


  • Sharon Asulin

    Andrew Reback YEYYYYYY!!!!! Great news - this is a MUST functionality for continuous engineering! Thanks for the update!

  • Brian

    +1 here, surprised this hasn't been touched since 2010. admins should have this ability to fix data issues

  • Rotem Carmely

    +1 on this request

  • Leslie McWhirter

    I would really really like this. I frequently go back to old tickets and find they're lacking in tags, but once a ticket is closed we can't edit those tags. It would be very nice to have this functionality.

  • Stephenlambillion

    +1, would be very useful to flag patterns that are only identified over a longer period of time

  • Neil Lillemark


    Editing the fields IMO is far more important than tagging, and I've stated such earlier on this thread. 

    I do understand your dilemma in the fundamental change this request make in the system.  IMO if you could add a new state after SOLVED before fully CLOSED that was essentially "CLOSED_EDITS_FROM_ADMIN_ONLY" and allowed tickets to remain in that state for at least 6 months or possibly 1 whole year, that would be a good transition time that probably covers 95% of the needs for those of us asking about this.  My desire, and many others I have read along the way has always been to be able to correct field-entry mistakes that our agents make when marking tickets as resolved.  Since those mistakes today are not correctable, it makes much of the data we try to collect skewed towards ineffectiveness.  So allowing an ability to tweak certain fields during a transition state seems like it would be a good compromise that would be beneficial to admins, yet still allow Zendesk to keep the historical archiving working the same way it does today.

  • Rob Hughes

    +1. Zendesk, open your ears and listen to all these people. There are more than enough examples in this thread of reasonable use cases for the requested feature.

    I too have hit this roadblock. I can't make the reports I need without backfilling missing data. I've made some fields required, which will help in the future, but that won't help past tickets. Also, what if the agent wrongly categorized a ticket and I don't find out until it's closed? I can't fix it.

  • Paul Marsh


    Reporting requirements from a channel partner changed a year into the project, we now need to merge historical reporting with go-forward reporting in excel for any useful analytics (given that we have to host retroactive field modifications outside of ZenDesk).

    This is a material enough issue that I will likely review other integration tools for my support team. It's inconceivable that a community ask this vocal wouldn't be inserted into the product roadmap some time in the last ten years - regardless of size.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator


    I don't think there was a commitment from Zendesk to have this fixed in the next 10 weeks.  All that was said is that it would be investigated by the product team next quarter.

    Investigation isn't a fix. Investigation also doesn't guarantee there will be a change. All it means is that it'll get looked at, maybe they'll do something, maybe they won't. The outcome will depend on a lot of information that we, as users, don't have. All we can do is express what the change would mean to us. It seems now like Zendesk is listening to the community, something that, IMO, has been improving in the last year or so. (thanks Nicole & Jessie!)

    It's good news that they're finally looking at it, but I imagine that a change this deep in the core functionality of Zendesk means that we're not going to see this anytime soon. There would be a large amount of investigation, planning, scoping, development and testing before we ever get our hands on a feature like this one. In fact, I'd be worried if a delivery in 10 weeks was promised, as it would indicate to me that perhaps the changes weren't as well thought out as they should be. 

    I'm looking forward to more communication from the Product group at Zendesk like Nicole mentioned when this investigation process ramps up. I truly believe that our continued growth with Zendesk is linked to resolving this issue, as we're currently trapped in legacy tag purgatory for our reporting and analytics, as it seems many other users in this thread are. 



  • Alexia Wolfhagen

    I need this option to move any closed ticket from one organisation to another, the organisation was previously divided into two and now they are one and I can not change this. 

  • Jon Schlueter

    +1 for this feature too.

    My main feedback here is user error on my agents part.  If they forget to add a label or misclassify a ticket, it will skew my company's analytics.  If they do this for even 1% of the tickets in a year, we are talking hundreds of misclassified tickets.  I can throw training and other things at my team, but there will always be user error.  Not to mention that a customer can close a ticket before we correctly classify and label it.

    This thread has been going on for 7 years and is a simple no-brainer.  Please update your product.

  • Lohith S

    +1, Its been there for the last 9 years and still if its not developed, I am doubtful if it will be taken up ?

    We have few customers data which has empty priority and need this to set a default priority for closed cases.

  • Roteml

    Who else do we need here to get proper comment, not one that goes by "our PM team is still reviewing this" how many PM's did went trough ZD over those 10 years?

  • Kenny Diaz

    +1 for all the reasons everyone else mentioned.

  • Brian Takeda


    This is a feature that would be useful for Zendesk Admin users. I'm running into scenarios where our organization's closed tickets are not categorized properly, or are missing info in fields that are now listed as required. This is causing issues when we go to report on this data.

  • Judd Higgins

    We absolutely need this feature to be able to clean up tags and tickets assigned to the wrong group.  It is disappointing to see that this has been a Feature Request for over 10 years.

  • Jüri Tarkpea

    If you dear buddhas at Zendesk say that you are not going to do it, maybe you could at least give a hand to solve the problem or hints to good practices in such cases?

    To state it again - I do not want to "add or edit tags on closed tickets" specifically (though it seems to be most reasonable thing to do with the tool in hand.). I want to work and postprocess the closed tickets to get more value out of Zendesk.

    Sounds reasonable?

  • Bill Davis

    I agree, we have been using Zendesk since April 2010 and after 'Living' with our inital setup and configuration, our agents have provided valuable feedback on our setup and we have introduced new groupings and new custom fields. 

    We are looking for a way to update past tickets with the new field data to allow us to analyze the tickets using the new suggestions.  We are unable to update any closed tickets and therefor the ongoing analysis is invalid until we have a way to update the closed tickets.


    Is there any other way to update closed tickets in bulk to allow us to update these new or existing fields?

  • DrewK

    I need the ability to reclassify closed tickets in order to provide client reports.  When there are issues with some of the classifications and there is no way to change them, what I am supposed to do?  This is necessary functionality which must be allowed by Zendesk

  • Hannah

    Hey Jake,

    Any update on the possibility of changing/editing/deleting tags on closed tickets? That's something we'd love to do...

  • Paul Reeves

    +10. I upgraded to Enterprise so I could export data to CSV so I can do cleansing in Excel.

    My request is not to edit closed tickets. My request is to be able to do analysis on closed tickets.  I'd like to use existing fields, but I am sure there are plenty of ways to allow me to annotate so I can see statics/trends/distribution of issues.

    This is an opportunity for either Zendesk or a competitor.

  • Keith Rockhold

    This seems capricious. Why can't tags be changed? As a workflow matter, it's not like tags represent some critical portion of the record. We have no other way of categorizing our tickets. This policy makes reporting using the tags almost useless to us. 


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