[Closed for comments] Add or Edit Tags on Closed tickets


  • Matt Picio

    +1 on adding tags to closed tickets.  Since a closed ticket is otherwise unmodifiable, I don't see how that would be a problem.  We could definitely use this to identify and track closed tickets.

  • David Bauman


    This would be a huge benefit.  Not only that, but I'd love to be able to 'bulk tag' a series of old tickets.  A database script?  A SFDC function?  Anything?

  • Ben Schutz

    With the arrival of the final word on forcing archive/closing of tickets after 28 days ((https://support.zendesk.com/forums/1848/entries/57109?page=2), I think we should again explore keeping ticket tags dynamic for closed tickets so that we can add/remove tags even when a ticket is closed. It can make a big difference in being able to keep data accurate for reporting. I suspect that this might be more doable than as tags might exist as relational objects to tickets, but perhaps are currently added to the archived object when a ticket is closed. Am I close? 

    Can there be some analysis done on the processing cost of have tags remain dynamic/editable?


  • Ches Spencer


    @Jake - The ability to add and remove tags from closed tickets would be an extremely useful feature to correct historical data for my company. This feature is a windfall for Zendesk customer satisfaction because it provides a flexibility for companies like mine who require metrics and reporting to justify new hires, which adds more seats in Zendesk. I excited to see this feature added to your road map as I know Zendesk is just as progressive as its user community.

  • Stephen Pryke

    +1 for this from me. It's particularly problematic for us, as we tend to merge a lot of tickets to keep information channels sleek, and this automatically closes the merged ticket.

    We try to remember to remove tags before merging, but working with a large number of agents, mistakes inevitably crop up. It seems odd that we can't simply remove the tags afterwards, too. 

  • Matt Picio

    I can understand why you can't remove tags - everything in Zendesk and GoodData is oriented around tags in some fashion, and most of our reports depend on them.  That said, it would be great to have an option in the admin settings which would allow tags to be A: unmodifiable, B: able to be added, or C: able to be edited/removed.  I agree 100% with not being able to modify the details of a ticket after it's been closed, but tags are metadata and have uses outside of the life of the ticket.

  • Rafa Viana

    I also need the ability to add tags to closed tickets. How else would I be able to properly organize my tickets for accurate reports?

  • Kevin Rocci

    Definitely a feature we need at our company: delete old, deprecated Tags from the database. A couple reasons:

    1. Things change and we need to be able to reflect this change in our data.

    2. If any Tag is accidentally misspelled or typed it enters the database FOREVER.

    3. We have confusion caused from mis-typing tags and from point 2. For example, we have a "not_reached_lesson" and "not_reached_lessons." There are many examples of this. We need to eliminate the inaccurate tag so that people answering tickets don't choose the wrong tag.

    We do not need to delete tags from old tickets, necessarily. We just need them to not show up when people start typing out a Tag. It adds a lot of confusion with them there and encourages errors, not prevent them.

  • Darrington Bevins

    Basically, without the ability to append/amend/modify closed tickets, the entire tool fails as an analytics and reporting solution. This will be a deal breaker for my organization. I love the Zendesk tool, but the data becomes stale if we cannot manipulate it to conform to current metrics. frankly, it doesn't matter how good your reporting tools are is you have stale data, because you become limited to the metrics needs you anticipated before the data goes stale.

    Anyone developing reporting systems for Zendesk should consider this before investing your time supporting this product.



  • Diane Albert


    We have a tag "password" and also "passwrod" - if i don't catch that withing my "keep the stuff not-closed for a gazillion days", then that becomes part of my tag list.

    I understand the concept of not wanting to change the actual communication chain in the ticket, but yes from reporting, this stinks.

    This did catch me for an important upgrade request - i knew i had more "password" issues than what displayed.  Fortunately, I could hide that I had to search for password and passwrod, but my data will always be tainted.

    And try explaining that to someone new who is setting up their own views or personal macros (which *I* as an admin can not administer YET...another +1 there).


  • James Scott

    I also would like the ability to add tags to closed tickets. My use case is that I review all feedback received and choose to exclude some feedback from customer's personal metrics where the feedback is clearly reflecting the product and not the agent performance. I use Gooddata to display agent feedback on big screens around the office and there is no way for me to exclude these tickets from the calculation unless I can be quick enough to add the tag between the feedback request being sent out and the ticket moving from solved to closed.

  • Stephen Pryke

    Any end in sight for this? Every day it gets more and more frustrating.

    I found yet another incorrect tag today in a closed ticket which one of our 39 agents had mistyped. It won't affect statistics too much, as it's currently only one ticket, but it will remain in the tag suggestion list to prompt other agents to use the wrong spelling. How nice of it.

  • Pam Helf

    +1 for adding the ability to edit tags. This would be extremely beneficial to us as we just set up our Zendesk and didn't necessarily realize that tagging would play such an important part in reporting/analyzing for future training issues, FAQs that should perhaps go into our Help Center, etc.

  • Pablo Destefanis

    +1 I need to reorganize them, not being able to do so means I cannot have long term stats look the way I need them today, only the way I needed them two years ago...

  • Jackie Barefield

    +1 for me too.

    I agree with the above mentioned reasons for this feature. But most valuable would be that post-closed tag additions, deletions and modifications would allow us to keep our data clean, instead of living with mistakes we/our agents made when we were new players 

  • Deborah Anderson Bialis

    The ability to edit tags on closed tickets is absolutely necessary to track metrics across a wide aray of tickets and time frames vs. just going forward. Are there even any counter arguments on why making it possible to add tags later would be a bad thing?

  • Jeffrey Wood

    Since we're new with ZenDesk, we weren't 100% on the content for our tickets.  We're evolving and making changes.  Now that we're at a point where we producing reporting, we're finding that closed tickets are missing important information.  Having the ability to edit a closed ticket is very important.  I can see that this request began back in 2008.  ZenDesk, come on, make a move.

  • Jake C

    Things change, needs change, metrics change. Would rather not have to sift through a million tags.

  • William Tinker

    Likewise, this is now important to us.


    As new Zendesk customers, we were actively developing a solution whilst using the product.  Therefore older tickets do not contain all of the information we require for effective reporting.


    We are now looking to report on historic workflow, and are unable to do this because closed tickets are frozen with insufficient data within them.


    As a workaround, I attempted to create a custom report using Gooddata, but this utility is not powerful enough (I cannot filter subjects 'like' a certain keyword, or search ticket activity for keywords).


    We're therefore completely stuck, and Zendesk currently offers no solution to what must be a very common requirement among users.

  • Devin Winters

    I have to add a +1 for this as well. I just introduced a few new metrics and would love to have the ability to update past tickets with the new value to make for much better reporting on support trends. Unfortunately, I'm now stuck waiting several months until I have enough new data to become statistically relevant. 

  • JoshuaZiggas

    +1 As an administrator I should be able to tag a batch of tickets.

  • Kristy Ramos

    One of my new guys mis-catecorized several now closed tickets.  How should I deal with that?  Aside from pointing out to him that he mis-categorized.  If the community has suggestions, I would greatly appreciate.  Thanks!

  • Nathan Lloyd

    This defect in the software is crippling to long-term ticket data management.

  • Kiss Zoltán Gergő

    I just run into this...

    I need post-tagging feature for reports because we introduced Zendesk in a rush, and the tagging system for reports have been developed only afterwards.

    Right now I do not know how to solve this.

    Zendesk, please....

  • Tobias Ritlov

    We are in greatly need of this option as well, for several reasons that have already been explained in depth here.

    As I am working in a company providing an online Management System myself, I understand how difficult it can be to change fundamental features.

    However, what is not difficult; is to provide proper communication. The lack thereof is disappointing in this case.

  • Francis Tan

    +1 to this. As an enterprise client, as soon as our (not-so-inexpensive) bill was already running, there was heavy pressure from MGMT to roll this out as fast as possible. 

    Now the reports are all screwed up because we have failed to properly fix, and manage our tags from the beginning.

    We badly need this feature. Our asses are on the line here. 

  • Yoni

    Hey ZenDesk, it kinda sucks no one has replied in a year. +1 to this issue. It seems so simple and there's a lot of demand for it. Why not add it? 

  • Jeroen Poppe


    We recently introduced a list of "standard tags". Now we'ld like to apply the these tags to old tickets to create reports with them.

    We need to alter tags in batch. Eg: change all tags "AAAAA" in "BBBBB".

  • Birgit Pohl

    +1 for initial idea. I don't care about inner company policy. I care about user experience.


    Uff, seriously: Filtering a proper view without editing the tags, or conditional filtering from the status is absolutely not working at all.

    I spend hours in trying to get a proper view/filter but I announce it officially as failed.

  • Michael O'Neil

    +1 on this.

    Tagging has limited usefulness without a better ability manage tags at the admin level. Unless you came out of the gate with a robust tagging convention, your tags are probably a mess and will be difficult to get streamlined even in the future.

    A great Step 1 would be to make it possible to define your list of active tags at the admin level, and prevent agents from creating new tags on the fly. We have simply had too much tag proliferation, and even if we want to implement a stricter tagging convention moving forward, it will be difficult to do this when agents have hundreds of tags available + the ability to create new tags.

    Step 2 would be the ability to clean up old tags through merging, pointing, and/or deleting.

    I've been surprised to learn that these features don't already exist given how well-built ZenDesk is in so many other areas.


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