Admin tool request: List of suspended users



  • Sintija Ergle

    Adding my +1 to this feature request. 

    Especially since if we want to allow agents to edit the user (to edit the user's name from xysts to "John", for example), the suspend user feature is also granted for the agent. If we can't see who suspended the user, and why it was suspended, it's not ideal.

  • Harriet Klymchuk

    +1; I can see this is marked as Planned which is great news, but do we have an idea of timeline for this feature?  Tracking agent seats and licence usage is far more fiddly than it should be, and Explore doesn't have sufficient reporting capability to make up the difference. 

    While this information is available via add-ons or pulling via the API, the UI in Admin > People > Agents could be better to help with this.  At the moment, to track agent usage, we're pulling results from the API at intervals but this isn't sustainable for a centre of our size (250+ licences, 300 agents including light agents).

    • Jump to page: currently to get to the most recent agents, you have to click through 20+ pages (when you’re over 300 agents). Should be an option to “go to page”. 
    • Suspended user filter: Finding suspended users to recover licences means going through 20+ pages and looking out for the note by them; there should be a drop-down option to filter by suspended agents.  
    • Chat users filter: There’s a dropdown option to search for Talk users; please can we get this for Chat now that “Chat only” users take seats? For context, we don’t expect to have Light Agents with Chat access, but sometimes this happens by accident, and it becomes difficult to find where the seat is being used. 
  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Harriet - 

    We do not have a timeline we can share at the moment, but it remains planned. 


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