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  • Puneet Kukreja

    Hey Nicole,

    Thank you for your revert.

    Can you please confirm if this is done or still pending :(

  • Tim Lewandowski

    We are also looking to see the status of this.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Puneet - 

    It's still in the exploration phase. 

  • Linda-SI

    I also have the some confusion. 

    We have thousands of posts and countless comments. If we use your second choice (creating seperate tickets), it will be horrible.

  • Linda-SI

    Is there another way to reply FB post in one ticket but can reach corresponding customer? 
    I also checked INS posts and found it can be workable in INS post. INS don't need to create new tickets.

  • Pedro Rodrigues


  • Michael H

    Agree with OP. This change to the Facebook response workflow for wall posts is needed.

    It's just a mess when responding now, as it all looks out of place.

    At the moment, we handle wall posts through Facebook Page Manager, and when it's all done - return to zendesk to take ownership, tag and classify, before marking as solved.

    That strategy however is ok for a smaller company like ours, but doesn't scale at all to larger organisations.

  • Jorge Lage Saguier


  • Webcareengie

    It is quite a bummer that Kirstine send her first post on may, 2014.

    Almost 4 year later, it is still not possible to answer a facebook comment on a post individually..
    Maybe within another 4 year .. 

  • Ana María Salinas

    Hello,  any news about this request. When could we have a solution to attend and tag the tickets of the Facebook posts?. 

    Thank you.

  • Mihael Fugaj

    Hi all,

    is there any news about this feature?

    It is highly needed.

  • Geir Kallmyr

    This is a highly needed feature that needs to be solved.  +1

  • Joseph McCarron

    Hi everyone,

    I want to make sure you're all aware of an option we released last year to treat individual comments as their own tickets in Zendesk. This will allow you to respond directly to a particular Facebook comment, with replies coming back into Zendesk as ticket comments.

    This option can be enabled in the Zendesk settings for your linked Facebook page.


    I understand that having a separate ticket for each Comment on Facebook is a big change and may not be ideal for everyone, but it should be an improvement in many ways over the older approach of bringing all comments into one ticket. Our model is that each individual question/issue that needs a response should be a Ticket in Zendesk. When Facebook introduced the ability to comment on a comment our older approach broke down conceptually. Responding to many different questions from a single Ticket breaks a lot of workflows. This is why we developed the ability to treat each comment thread as a separate ticket.

    Please let us know if you've tried this and it helps, or if you've tried this and doesn't help.

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Hi Joseph, thanks for the heads up! Out of curiosity, regardless of which option we choose, there are a few challenges here.

    1. If that parent ticket is changed to Closed, for example, and some user replies to the post on Facebook, then a follow-up ticket is created. So... when should we close these tickets? Should we close them at all?

    We could create a workflow where we'd make sure these specific FB tickets would never be closed. But then they could be counted as backlog in views, reports, etc.

    Then there are other more option-specific existential debates:

    2.1. Option 1 = single ticket w/ all comments
    If all comments are added to the same ticket, it's likely every "next reply" is a "first reply"... does anyone exclude this from any time-based KPI?

    These tickets might also potentially contribute to a higher "public comments per ticket" ratio, so they'd probably have to be excluded in some way from those.

    2.2. Option 2 = parent + child tickets
    When each comment creates a ticket, there is no need to see the parent ticket at all, and it shouldn't probably be counted for any KPI calculation... right?

    3. Relevance of post comments

    Also, I've never properly analized this (thousands and thousands of tickets..) but it seems a high % of these post comments are completely irrelevant.

    Does anyone exclude them from higher-level reporting? We're going to standardize a workflow where the agents (using macros, and then secret triggers in case they forget) will help us admins tag the tickets with zero agent replies... 

    4. Any features for FB or Twitter integrations in the roadmap?

    The third and final topic is a feature request to add more options to the integration:

    a) Sometimes our agents decide to merge parent tickets (creating a lot of follow ups). Could we have an option to choose whether this could be entirely forbidden?

    b) Sometimes they merge the end user which is in reality our Facebook Page (i.e. the end user who creates these FB integration tickets), with a real end user (a human). Can we prevent this? These user accounts, created by the integration, should be protected from this kind of ingenuous actions.


    Maybe I'm exagerating with some of these scenarios, I don't know if everyone else has these problems, but I'd be happy to learn about how others deal with them if they do.

    Any best practices or suggestions?

  • Jorge Lage Saguier

    The problem with the current integration is that when an agent replies to a ticket (with the configuration "Comments on a Post create new tickets") the reply doesn't stay within the comment (on the post). Instead the comment is added to the end of all comments (within the post). This causes a lot of confusion because it looks like we are replying to something else / another user. It doesn't make a lot of sense. The reply should go withing the comment.

  • Joseph McCarron


    When this happens, is the original Post authored by the customer or by your Page?

  • Jorge Lage Saguier

    Authored by the page. Check out this post:


    All comments from "Tigo Paraguay" were made using Zendesk at it looks like we are talking to ourselves. If you end up at our fan page, and start reading the comments, they don't really make any sense. Those were replies to individual comments. A ticket was created for each comment but the reply doesn't go within that comment, therefore making it really hard to follow the conversations for the user or a reader.

  • Joseph McCarron

    Sorry for the long delay Tigo - and for the trouble this issue is causing - but this looks like a bug. The comments should be posted as replies. Can you submit a request to with details including example ticket numbers in your account, if this is still a problem?

  • Jorge Lage Saguier

    Will do Joseph. By the way, this also happens in Twitter.

  • Taylor

    major need! 


  • Tom P

    Is there any update on this? This has made the facebook comments in Zendesk unusable for our business.

  • Phil Williams

    Quite surprised this is still a thing. We had a comment today on one of our posts which was dutifully turned into a ticket but I was surprised when I replied that my response didn't get added to the facebook post and was instead converted to a private message?

    This doesn't make sense to me?


  • Keela Ross

    Hi, is there any update on this? It's surprising that Zendesk hasn't made any changes. The integration is useless for us, and the older system we were using (Gorgias) had amazing features for their FB integration.

    We now have to pay double just to be able to work on the FB tickets the way we need to. The whole point of us switching to ZD was to centralize everything and it is a shame this last piece kills us.

    What would be super helpful to add (for us, not sure about other companies) is: (see image below)

    • The ability to like and hide a comment from a Zendesk ticket
    • The ability to directly go to the comment or reply in question instead of being routed to the post as a whole (if you have over 100 comments having to sift through is annoying)
    • The ability to reply to a FB user's comment as a reply to them rather than a general post to our ad or wall post. 

    Replying when comments are added to one post looks like we reply to ourselves similar to Jorge's comment above. I changed the settings to make comments into new tickets, but after speaking to support it seems like it won't solve the problem. I am not sure what our inbox is about to look like.

    The one week limitation is problematic because if we have ads that perform well, in order us for to service our customers or leads there we have to keep the ticket open for the lifetime of the post.

  • Vanessa Lopez

    We NEED this! Please implement it, Social Media is so important in customer support nowadays. Thanks!


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