Notify agent if requester email is bounced or rejected


  • Julian Kossak


    I totally agree with Kilian!

    Five years without any improvment... It's a huge time in the "online world"....





  • Jonathan

    I recently took matters into my own hands and built a bounce notification system myself using Zapier. This was actually quite easy (no technical knowledge needed) since we relay incoming email over the Gmail servers and Zapier has both Zendesk and Gmail integrations. (If you forward your email from another email service, you have to check if they have an integration with Zapier as well, like Microsoft Outlook.) It works like a charm for me and I hope it will help others as well. This is what my 'Zap' looks like:

    When this happens...

    1. New Email Matching Search in Gmail (from:MAILER-DAEMON@*

    Do this...

    2. Text - Extract Email Address (from the email's body text from step 1).

    3. Find a Ticket in Zendesk (using the extracted email address from step 2 and order_by:created sort:desc).

    4. Update Ticket in Zendesk (using ticket id from step 3, setting status to 'open' and adding the email's body text from step 1 as comment).

  • Amber Barnes

    @Jonathan - This is all done through Zapier app integration with Zendesk? Also, Zapier is a monthly cost from what I see. Is that correct?

  • Jonathan

    @Amber Yes, this was all done through the Zapier app integration with Zendesk AND Gmail.

    And yes, you'll need the monthly 20$ plan to get this to work. (But you might use Zapier for other automations as well - it's a nice service! #nospon)

  • WEBER vincent

    +1 for this. If you use basic email for support you have this functionnality, bu not with a tool like Zendesk !

  • Zahida BUCKSUN


    We need this functionality.

    Our agent are not informed when an answer is not delivererd. 

    Thank you. 



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