Ability to print ticket without internal note/comment


  • Devan
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    Hello Ginger,

    I understand your frustration with this feature not being implemented. There are several reasons that a requested feature may not be added to a product, such as more pressing updates taking precedence, other things in development that may solve the problem in a different way, or potential risks outweighing potential benefits. We do read and listen to all user feedback but are not able to act on all of it.

    When a request is something that we can’t prioritize in the near future, we try to offer workarounds that can serve as a stand-in for the requested functionality. This way, you have options for a solution to the issue impacting you. Our product team can’t act on every feedback request that is submitted, but they do find them all valuable in understanding the needs of our users. We hope you continue to share your perspective with us in the future and appreciate your understanding.


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