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  • Christian Estefani
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    I'm glad to see my company's not the only one who needs this function!

    Our Zendesk instance contains a CITD brand and an HR brand, and agents associated with one brand should not have access to the other brand's tickets (due to confidential content).

    We cannot create a separate instance for the other brand because it is difficult to manage our agent license count for two separate brands (unless Zendesk allows free transferring of licenses between instances?).
    This is because the number of agents we have per brand changes quite often, and we cannot estimate how many licenses are needed per brand. (It'd be a waste to have too many excess instance-specific licenses, considering their price.)

    Currently, we are using the workaround of:

    1. Restricting agent access to groups; and
    2. Adding the agents to ALL groups associated with their brand.

    However, this workaround is highly inefficient because:

    1. Agents receive notification emails for tickets they are not currently in charge of (because they're added to the other groups); and
    2. It is quite challenging to assign a ticket to a specific person under a specific group because the agent's name appears under so many groups.

    Take note that our CITD brand alone has over 50 Zendesk groups, and we have many other brands aside from that one that have a lot of groups.

    I hope this suggestion gets approved and then implemented soon!


    Basically, here is my suggested function:

    In role settings, under "What kind of tickets can this agent access?", there should be this option:
    All within this agent's brand(s)

    When that option is chosen, there should be a new setting asking which brands to associate the role with.
    I think this mechanic can be similar to ticket forms:

    Then, agents under that role can only access a ticket if it's assigned under the associated brand.
    (Of course, not counting tickets they're CC'ed to or a requester of.)

  • Chris Lee
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    I completely agree.  This needs to happen!  I need all agents to have access to all brands except for just one brand.  That one brand needs to be private for only a select group of folks.

  • Kim Lake
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    +1, required - we need an ability to assign brand visibility to agents

  • Ritchie Robertson
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    The problem I have is that we require agents to not be able to create tickets for certain brands but still be able to view all tickets within one brand.

  • Chris Heap
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    +1 for this feature. We have over 5 brands each with a dedicated support team that really have no interaction with tickets relating to other brands. Another related consideration for this is for suspended tickets to be available to each brand, having to grant access to all tickets to be able to manage suspend tickets is not good.

  • Heather Rommel
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    I am adding my up vote to this - and commenting because it's that important to me - because I really love that Multibrands is an option but a little disappointed with permissions as a whole.... We would like more granular control over who has access to what. In my opinion, we should have the ability to:

    1. Restrict Agents to access and edit TICKETS only in their given brand(s) via role

    2. Restrict as in #1 above but extend read-only access to TICKETS in other brands

    3. Ability to have Read Only FIELDS in Tickets, Users and Organizations

    4. Ability to restrict TICKETS- both hide a given ticket altogether

    5. Ability to hide certain FIELDS on a ticket based on role

    As Zendesk scales, these kinds of requirements will be necessary as more and more companies leverage Zendesk outside of the "usual" ITIL usage by additional departments and for different processes. 

    Bottom line: Since Zendesk's collection of product offerings are expanding, the permission structure needs to grow with it!

    Please and thank you :)

  • Grzegorz Ksiazek
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    Hey Zendesk Support Product Owner,


    What are the plans to implement this?

    Is this even on a roadmap?



  • Chris Lee
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    Still important to me and my team!  Restricting one of our brands to be accessible by only one group would make life much better for us.  Thanks. 

  • Sarah Anscombe
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    Following - as this would be helpful for us too.


  • Aja Varney
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    Agreed! +1 for me. 

    We have a large use case with many "brands".... but most agents are tasked with one brand or the other. 
    Would be excellent to be able to restrict user to brand(s) - multi select. 

  • Wesley Bowles
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    Adding a +1 here as well. The current solutions laid out here aren't scalable and leave a lot of room for error. Within the "roles" functionality we should be able to identify which brands those roles belong to. 


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