Change the notification sound in Support app


  • Claudia Pelagatti

    Hey Larry,

    I am afraid that currently, you cannot set a custom notification sound. Unfortunately, this is not in our short term roadmap to add, but I passed along your feedback to the team.


  • Scott C

    Claudia, Please pass along to the team that many (I've seen posts in other areas) are not happy with the inability to set notification sounds. My small business runs 24x7x365 and tickets are EXTREMELY important to resolve quickly. Many times I simply don't hear the notification sound. IOS and Android are wonderful devices with all kinds of sound/volume capabilities and I (we?) find it a weakness in coding design that prohibits us from using capabilities of the devices. Respectfully requested, Scott

  • Sondra Halperin

    I find the current sound disruptive. With my earbuds in it startles me and feels like I'm damaging my ears. I'd love to be able to change it to something more soothing.

    This is something Zendesk will have to build into the app.

    I'm hoping you will.


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