Reopening Closed and/or Archived Tickets

Not planned


  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Matthew, 

    Thank you for your feedback. Can you tell us more about your workflow and why you find users needing to reference past support tickets? Also, how frequently do you find that you would use this functionality? And how significant of an impact would it have on your workflow? 

    To provide some background, the reason we have tickets close and archive is that it saves on storage space and keeps load time manageable. If all tickets remained active (unlike the "read only" type of format they move into once closed and archived) we would need to charge significantly more for storage and infrastructure in order to avoid performance issues. Would you be willing to pay more in order to have this functionality? 

  • Matthew Strietzel

    Hi Nicole,

    Our use of Zendesk Support may be a bit unorthodox, particularly in comparison to a retail company or something. We manage communication regarding subscription account management through Zendesk, and it is often useful/necessary to reference agreed upon parameters of a user's subscription when answering a support question. We are also often answering complex regulatory questions that a user may bring up again after a ticket is closed, sometimes several months later. Additionally, if a user comes back disputing something, it would be nice to provide our past comments and communication for proof and/or context.

    I think I understand the storage space issue; however, it just seems that, given how I (an agent) can already look at associated closed/archived tickets and comments in Zendesk, that Zendesk could maybe have a feature that enables agents to load past comments from associated tickets.

    This issue doesn't come up terribly often, maybe once a month. The work around I've been using is taking screen captures of public comments from the relevant archived tickets. I think whether or not our company would be willing to pay for an additional feature would depend on price and/or if the feature is included in one of the higher tiered Zendesk Support plans, such as Enterprise or something.




  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Matt -

    Thanks so much for the additional context and detail. That kind of information helps our product managers understand the need better. I can't promise that anyone will be able to respond or make these changes but we'll make sure that your feedback gets to them.

  • Donald Theune

    I would like to be able to reopen closed tickets AND Archived Tickets so that I could see what combination of BOT Knowledge Base and manual restriction of proposed articles was used to define a more succinct set of possible Articles for Visitor's to get from the Answer BOT.  I don't understand the comments in the Community Section about save-space, and memory concerns.  Put a limit on my memory and let me know when I'm approaching that limit - and let me decide what tickets I am willing to throw away.  There is always a need to refer to an old ticket as soon as it's no longer available - it's Murphy's Law, and it's perfectly adapted to computer "memory vs. need" issues.



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