Integration of iTunes AppStore into Zendesk


  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Uwe. We'll keep this post open so that other users can up vote or add their use cases, and if it's something enough people are interested in, it'll get escalated up to the product team. 

  • 藤木良

    We are planning to introduce Zendesk next year, but at that time we would like to respond to customer reviews for GooglePlay and AppStore. At that time, we would like to support not only GooglePlay integration but Appstore as well, so please develop it.

  • Justyna

    Upvoting! Our App Store response time definitely suffers a lot because of having to check App Store manually. It's not healthy to have this "invisible" backlog and having to feel guilty for handling it when the visible tickets are waiting. At the same time it needs to be done too. It would also help us a lot to be able to use macros in these replies straight from Zendesk, now we have to copy the macros manually if we use any. Please do develop it :) 

  • Arjay C

    It defeats the purpose of having Zendesk where you are able to integrate Google Play store reviews but not App store. We have to manually address the App store reviews. It's taxing. 

    On a side note, it was surprising that we have to wait for this thread to garner more audience before a matter with utmost importance such as this gets escalated. 

  • 若宮浩司

    My team develops apps for Android and iOS.

    We can manage questions and requests sent via emails and in-app forms, as well as reviews on the Google Play Store on Zendesk.
    But only App Store reviews can't work on Zendesk.

    I would be happy if integration was added.


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