Holiday Schedules - Early Release


  • Thomas de Silva

    Hi Brandon.


    This is a really good feature request!


    #helpsome regards,
    Thomas de Silva
    Zendesk Consultant @

  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Thanks Thomas de Silva!  I'm thinking of something as simple as "This holiday begins on 12PM on 12/24/19 and ends on 8AM on 12/25/19

  • Sarah Ichord

    I commented on this 1 year ago - but coming back to this because there is still not a viable solution! Zendesk can we get some feedback on if i this is in the pipeline?

    Here is this year's comment:

    Could not agree more with this request! We adjusted business schedules last year and it caused weird issues with tickets breaching - so we just went "holiday less" this year and told people to manage their ticket SLAs before they left on our early release day.

    But of course, we had 1 person respond after we left and that gave our team 5 mins into our work day to respond which just isn't feasible. This has got to be something that can be rolled out as most vendors we use have this option! 

  • Luana Cristina Do Amaral Peixoto


    In Brazil, we have a holliday Wednesday after carnival, in the morning. So, in the afternoon not is holliday.

    This request is very good!

  • Sarah Ichord

    100%! Adjusting the schedule has other implications which we found out the hard way this Christmas & New Year's Eve.

    When we changed the schedule back after the holiday we had a bunch of tickets breach because technically due to the schedule changing back - they were past due.

    This is definitely something that is needed. 


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