Side Conversations - add redact option


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on this, Jamie. If other users need similar functionality, please up-vote Jamie's post and share more about your use-case in the comments below.

  • Jamie Noell

    There is an additional thread on this topic here:

    Not being able to redact a Side Conv is creating issues for us.  Currently, our workaround is to delete the ticket altogether, which unfortunately has negative ripple effects - if people on the deleted ticket's Side Conv reply, then we essentially lose sight of this reply.  In my testing, it appears that if we restore the ticket, the Side Conv reply is visible on the ticket.  

    At a minimum, I wish that a Side Conv reply to a deleted ticket would create a follow-up ticket similar to how Side Conv replies on closed ticket create a follow-up ticket.


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