Jira Integration - Count Jira issues created within set time


  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Nemo,

    What metric are you using with your attribute? This formula looks correct –
    IF ([Changes - Field name] = "Dev status"
    AND [Changes - Previous value] = NULL
    AND [Changes - New value] = "Backlog" )
    THEN "True" ELSE "False"
    – so maybe the issue is with the metric you're using in the query. Are you using the native Tickets created or maybe Tickets solved? Is the Dev status value set during the ticket creation event, or in the same update as when the ticket is solved out? If not, then can you try using the metric Updates instead? This metric should work well with this kind of attribute.

    You may also check again if the correct field name and field value (these are case-sensitive) are referenced in the formula. Make sure that the actual name of the field is Dev status and whether the correct value is backlog or Backlog.

    Hope this helps. Thanks Nemo!

  • Mukesh Kumar

    Hey Guys, 

    Is it possible to pull the JIRA metrics into ZD queries?

    Say I need 'JIRA ticket number',  'Date JIRA Created/Linked', 'JIRA Status' etc in my report. 

    I appreciate your time and thank you in advance for your advice. 


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