I would like a feature to block duplicate tickets from the same user


  • Kolten Kittleson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Alex,

    Thank you for the great product feedback, and at this time we don't have plans to introduce the option to block users from submitting duplicate tickets. Feel free to continue to follow this thread for updates, and check out the announcement page for new releases!

  • Au Finh

    While you can't block new requests submitted from a customer within a window of time, you can automatically merge them with our Auto Merge App. You can think of it as a soft "dupe blocker." The customer can submit new requests naturally, and they're automatically merged into an existing request. 

  • Jason Walker-C

    Adding this natively into ZD would be great. We get a lot of duplicates. Please consider this! Kolten Kittleson

  • sorin

    As an option, you can automatically merge duplicate tickets by using one of the apps in the Zendesk app store, like Merge Duplicate Tickets for example.

    It's super easy to set up and affordable.


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