New Feature - Auto Delete Attachments / Tickets / Chats


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    Nina Olding

    Hi Bex Heenan and Rudolph Beaton, thanks for the feedback! I can't give any timelines, but this is firmly on our radar and an ask that we're familiar with. I'd love to hear more about the conditions that you'd like to use to trigger the 'remove attachment' action - under what circumstances would you want to remove data? Just time, or other criteria? Thanks again for the comment, it's always helpful to hear what's on your minds.

  • Rudolph Beaton

    This would be so helpful to our team, as well!

  • Rudolph Beaton

    Hi @...

    For us, it would be related to PII, and I imagine this business rule firing off of a tag or ticket field. For example, one of our agents would see an attachment, use a macro, and then after X amount of hours from that tag being on a solved ticket, the attachment would be deleted. 

    Another nice option would be if once an attachment is added the system adds a tag automatically allowing easy tracking of where attachments are located.

    I hope this helps! Happy to clarify if needed!

  • Roslyn Officer

    Hi Nina is this still firmly on the radar?

    Very interested in the feature.

  • Natalia Jurczuk

    We are also looking into such a setting that would allow us to set data retention period for images and attachments. 

  • sorin

    You can use the Auto Remove Attachments app to set up a workflow where attachments, as well as inline images, are automatically redacted from your tickets. This can be applied to tickets in your backlog based on a trigger or automation, but also to closed tickets in your archive (say created more than 120 days ago).

    More about it here.

  • Shona

    Any updates.  We collect sensitive information, and can not leave the process of redacting attachments to be a manual process and have the chance that something is missed.  Having this automatically done is a must for us.


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