User created/updated Trigger


  • Jake Partee

    Definitely understand where you are coming from. Except I would want it to update my customer that their profile was updated, not agents 

  • Étienne Cantin

    Hi Jake, yes users include end-users or customers in your Zendesk instance. They can also be agents or admins. 

  • Alex Vargas

    Did any one find a solution for this ?
    Currently am in this process and this problem.

    Want to have the Zendesk Support create/update a user and also make an update to our database

  • Anselm Engle

    We'd love to see this updated as well! We're trying to segment customers based on info in our database, but that only syncs after a user is created, so if the user is emailing us for the first time (ticket created and user created), and user tags cascade when the ticket is created, and THEN the user is updated... we have no way of updating the ticket at that point.

  • Rasmus Lynggaard

    We're having the exact same issue as Anselm Engle and would love to see this functionality implemented.

  • Jacob the Moderator
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    While this is may not the solution everyone wants, I just want to mention that Zendesk Integration Services should be able to let you hook into events that triggers and automations can't, and perform more advanced actions.

    Zendesk Integration Services | Zendesk Developer Docs
    From ☝

    ZIS is a set of Zendesk-hosted web services that let you integrate Zendesk with other systems and applications. ZIS powers Conversational Data Orchestration, a feature set for automating workflows based on events.

    ZIS reduces or eliminates the need to build and host middleware for integration features such as:

    • Ingesting webhooks from an external system
    • Executing business logic in response to events
    • Making API calls into Zendesk and the external system
    • Obtaining and managing authentication tokens
    • Storing configuration settings
    • Storing metadata about related objects in Zendesk and the external system

    ZIS simplifies the process to build and run private integrations.


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