Automatic Refresh in Views

Not planned


  • Michael Southwell

    This is still an issue for us as it has been for many years. Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

    We have had to rely on the auto-refresh third-party Chrome extension to provide what should be native functionality. This has side effects though that can cause erratic behaviour in the browser.

    The tickets also stopped auto-refreshing along with the views in the last few months and now requires a browser refresh "F5" (this is even without the third-party auto-refresh extension installed or any other extensions for that matter).

    That is a lot of manual work from support staff to make sure we don't miss tickets.

    We should not have to be installing 3rd party extensions, constantly clearing cookies and cached data and refreshing the browser, just to achieve what should be a base level of functionality.

    We are on an enterprise license and deal with a high volume of tickets and can't afford to be relying on manual refreshes to keep on top of tickets, that is what a ticketing system is for!

    Please provide a recent update on the progress of this issue as the last communication from the  ZenDesk development team was almost a YEAR ago from Salvador Vazquez on October 6th 2021.

  • Marcelo Peixoto

    Yes, please. Plus dark mode

  • Customer Support

    This is a joke and should be implemented.  There are other ticketing systems that are better and cheaper.

  • CJ Johnson

    Salvador Vazquez Are there any updates on this issue? The last update was nearly a year ago, to say there's no plans for this. This is the #10 most upvoted feature without a decision made about it. 

  • Barry

    Is there a roadmap to view what zendesk is working on as well as expected delivery dates?

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    +1 as we also have very strict SLAs and when we move teams from Outlook to Zendesk, the expectation is that emails/tickets should show automatically and no action should be needed for Agents

  • Amanda Rice

    +1 - we need this functionality and would appreciate any updates from Zendesk

  • Archibald

    Any news?

    Any reason for no updates?

    Any reason NOT to do this?

    You have many fantastic solutions to make the agents work easier, quicker and less painful, but this is the easiest yet most critical feature you can implement.

  • biny

    +1 Please add this function. 🙏🏼

  • Ali Brubaker

    Hi Zendesk,

    The last official comment I see was from October, 2021. Has there been any update on the auto refresh functionality?


  • Jani Oksanen


    We need to cancel some licenses if we don't get this sorted or any workaround for this.

  • Will Martin

    I know it's not the ideal solution, but there is a new Chrome Extension that does automatically refresh the ticket views: ZenDesk Refresher

  • Holly

    appreciate the suggestion, Will. I'm sure it will help some people out.

    To Zendesk, this should still be a native feature within Zendesk. We shouldn't need to require every agent to download a third party extension.


  • Jimmy

    We are migrating from Spiceworks to Zendesk.  Spiceworks had this functionality and was very helpful to keep our team in alignment and not duplicate responses to the same tickets.  Can you please add this functionality to Zendesk?  Thank you!

  • Katie Murphy

    +1 Would love to see this feature added. It's helpful to see everything as it comes in and not have to worry about refreshing. Thanks!

  • Maria Tentsou

    Any plans of adding this soon? Are you actively working on it? Definitely need it for normal every day flow.


  • Dani

    Sadly, I doubt it Maria Tentsou - this ticket was opened in May of '21, and all the pleas for what should be a DEFAULT feature have fallen on deaf ears. 

  • James Swanson

    Adding my vote "yes" for this. you mention "This solution may or may not be in Views though. There is no estimated time for a solution to this at the moment. " 

    i would imagine others here are in agreement when i say it MUST be in 'views'. Not to say it cant apply to other things but it must apply to Views. and regarding the time frame in which this gets done, you've been getting requests for this since May 2021. And its still no implemented. Many of us are well aware of project time lines and i think most would agree, a function as simple and as standard as an auto refresh, shouldn't take this long to implement. Especially considering virtually every other ticket system has auto refresh. 


  • mws

    We have reached the end of our rope with this and are seriously exploring FreshDesk and HelpScout. It's just unbelievable that simple basic features like this aren't even being considered. Scratch that...these aren't even features - this is literally a bug.

  • Ryan Nguyen

    It has been years but still no solution.

    The workaround for this is to use 3rd party app (like "Lovely views" app on Zendesk Market Place) or Chrome extension (like Zendesk Auto Refresh). The former also reloads the view instantly when a ticket in that view is updated by other agent.

  • James Swanson

    But the whole point is that we shouldn't have to use a 3rd party app or extension do perform a basic task like auto refresh that virtually all if not ALL other systems have

  • Daniel H

    ITS BEEN LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yenni Siskawati Hasbi

    it is a must to auto refresh or else it impacts the SLA 

  • Jacob C.

    I keep seeing updates on this thread but I don't see any action being taken. Zendesk are you taking this thread seriously? Seems like a lot of frustrated customers. +1

  • Delyn Clifton

    I want to add to this request for our Team. 

  • Ntsako Masinge

    This is a need especially if you are using omni-routing to route your email tickets. New emails don't auto assign immediately unless agent refreshes

  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for your passionate feedback around auto-refresh for Views. We’re still reading and taking it all in, and apologize for the length of time between updates. Based on the above, I’m picking up the following:

    • Auto-refresh is needed to support efficient turnaround on tickets, especially in high-volume contact centers. Further, SLAs can be very quick in some cases - sometimes as low as 15 minutes - and agents must be able to work within them.
    • Because the majority of work is executed from Views, auto-refresh is needed for the Views experience
    • In some cases, external systems are being used to monitor for new tickets, including Outlook or Slack integration. In other cases, Chrome extensions are being used to auto-refresh the page.
    • This is especially important to customers who are using Omnichannel Routing

    This being said, we’re building an experience to help agents get real-time visibility into their work. We’d love to get your feedback on where we’re headed. If you’re up for a conversation, please fill out this form and we’ll look forward to connecting with you! We’ll keep it open for the next 3 weeks, so please respond as soon as you can!

    Automatic Refresh Feedback Form

  • mws

    I have no idea what to respond here. With all due respect, Zac, you're "picking up on the following"? 

    This thread has been open for 2 years, and there's others similar/older to it. 

    Zendesk is not the only support platform by far, and an automatic refresh is absolutely a given in any other support platform out there.


    For us, this response is too little, too late. We're finalizing our move to HelpScout next week. 

  • Georgi

    We connected many email addresses, we use omnichannel routing and all tickets created through emails are assigned automatically to the available agents, but without any notifications. They have to refresh their views to see them, which is not time efficient, it causes delays in support replies.

  • Georgi

    We tested the following Chrome extension and it seems to be working as expected:


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