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    Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager
    Hi all,
    Thank you for your continued comments in this space and I apologize for letting this run without an update for some time. At this time we are focusing on better reporting for Views but do not have any plans to do an auto refresh in the views space. We do have some of these use cases being worked on through the new functionality in the agent home dashboard and will continue to work through the use cases in the agent home page and the views page. 
    I understand that this update may be frustrating to some but hope our transparency in this moment can help you better understand our product as it stands and where we are headed on this matter. Thank you again for raising these issues to us, we appreciate your time to provide us with feedback. 
  • Andreas Prehn Christensen

    It's a must have. we need it as well!

  • Todd Dover

    Zendesk needs to provide this with high priority.  We should not have to look to Google Chrome to provide workarounds for your limitations.  Come on Zendesk.

  • Yanni

    +1 vote to this

    Definitely need it. It's a very basic feature to be honest.

  • Joe Baer

    Yes autorefresh is essential functionality to make sure we are on top of our tickets. Please prioritize this.

  • Scott Allen-

    This feature would be super beneficial! With the latest update to Zendesk the actual refresh after responding to a ticket doesn't work consistently. I physically have to click refresh on the browser to see my own reply I just sent. It's becoming very frustrating.

    Hoping some auto-refresh can be added in the near future!

  • Customer Support

    GUYS (Zendesk)  Come on now!  This is not a "feature request".  IT'S A BUG!

    But seriously, this is a bug.  You are displaying information that is wrong.  It is incredibly obvious that this is a bug.

    Also, this is not something that technically/programmatically cannot be done.  Refreshing the non-post-back (Ajax) data in a browser is not that complicated and is done in so many applications.

    It's a bug.  Please address this.

  • prakash.sati

    It's a very basic feature. Surprised!!! Zendesk has not included this yet. Definitely need it.

  • Kristin Arcurio

    This feature is very much needed for my Support Agents as well.

  • Arno (EMEA Partner)

    We have similar situation with tight SLAs with specific customer(s), and we really need to views to auto refresh. Agents are following multiple windows for udpates and these are all autoupdating except Zendesk, and it is not a usable solution to go and refesh single window, but all should auto refresh.

  • John Polanek

    This would be an amazing addition to the product. Please consider adding this. 

  • Bell Chen

    Yes to it.

    Without auto refresh, our tickets SLA will breach suddenly and out of control.

  • Customer Support

    CLEARLY Zendesk is ignoring us.  Please upvote this comment.

  • Jason Shepard

    Someone tell them to “refresh” their own ticket screen so they see the last years worth of requests for this function.

  • James Swanson

    Adding my vote "yes" for this. you mention "This solution may or may not be in Views though. There is no estimated time for a solution to this at the moment. " 

    i would imagine others here are in agreement when i say it MUST be in 'views'. Not to say it cant apply to other things but it must apply to Views. and regarding the time frame in which this gets done, you've been getting requests for this since May 2021. And its still no implemented. Many of us are well aware of project time lines and i think most would agree, a function as simple and as standard as an auto refresh, shouldn't take this long to implement. Especially considering virtually every other ticket system has auto refresh. 


  • Dani

    Agreed. Our current workaround is a tab refresher extension for chrome (Tab Auto Refresh)

  • Eduard Martínez

    +1 to this. Hope we get the auto refresh soon. It would be an amazing QOL improvement to Zendesk.

  • Ben Wright

    It's simply baffling that this is not an option. It's the most basic and important feature of any ticketing system.

  • Jason Shepard

    Almost a year later and still nothing? 

  • mws

    Agreed on the above! Something has changed in the last two months because in addition to needing to refresh for new tickets, there's some type of caching happening where if you click into a ticket, you won't always see new replies/activity. You'd think for a ticketing system, this would be the most basic/important functionality.....

  • Michael Southwell

    This is still an issue for us as it has been for many years. Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

    We have had to rely on the auto-refresh third-party Chrome extension to provide what should be native functionality. This has side effects though that can cause erratic behaviour in the browser.

    The tickets also stopped auto-refreshing along with the views in the last few months and now requires a browser refresh "F5" (this is even without the third-party auto-refresh extension installed or any other extensions for that matter).

    That is a lot of manual work from support staff to make sure we don't miss tickets.

    We should not have to be installing 3rd party extensions, constantly clearing cookies and cached data and refreshing the browser, just to achieve what should be a base level of functionality.

    We are on an enterprise license and deal with a high volume of tickets and can't afford to be relying on manual refreshes to keep on top of tickets, that is what a ticketing system is for!

    Please provide a recent update on the progress of this issue as the last communication from the  ZenDesk development team was almost a YEAR ago from Salvador Vazquez on October 6th 2021.

  • CJ Johnson

    Salvador Vazquez Are there any updates on this issue? The last update was nearly a year ago, to say there's no plans for this. This is the #10 most upvoted feature without a decision made about it. 

  • Mele Bryant

    Yes to this!

  • Ibrahim Aqqad

    adding my vote to this 

  • Angelweb SAS

    Hello, that would be really nice indeed.

  • Prem Shankar

    It's a must have. We recently had a critical issue SLA breach and CEO level escalation due to this missing feature.

  • mws

    Sigh - yet another extremely basic feature missing in Zendesk - totally agreed this is actually a bug. How is it possible that literally every other support platform has this but it's just impossibly difficult for Zendesk to wrap its mind around? 

    For potential Zendesk users seeing this, here's the "missing" features we wish we were aware of before we made the decision to switch to Zendesk...sigh:


    • This - can't refresh a basic screen to automatically show new tickets. Come on.
    • Archaic handling of CCs on tickets...good luck trying to find any spot between "anyone can open a ticket" and "only registered users can open a ticket". 
    • Want to show your Zendesk support widget on a front-facing site while only allowing registered users to open a ticket? Good luck - it'll just show a server error when someone tries to open a ticket through it, which per Zendesk is "intentional".
    • Can't include a doc in more than one category.
    • Want to duplicate a doc? Think again...
  • ML

    We have new users transitioning to Zendesk who did not see new tickets due to this shortcoming. We also have strict SLAs. Having to refresh or change views is not a solution for what should have been a basic feature included with the product.  

  • Benjamin Gonzales Jr

    This feature is critical for time sensitive environment.

  • prakash.sati

    +1 Vote, its a must have feature


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