Automatic Refresh in Views


  • Customer Support

    This is a joke - ZD will NEVER put this feature in.  BYE ZD

  • Burhan Husseini

    for something that cost so much money this is crazy that it isn't standard.


    I have missed tickets to many times because of this and it is making my business look slow and inept. this needs to be changed or I will lose money, and if I do so do you.

  • Michael Southwell

    This is still an issue for us as it has been for many years. Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

    We have had to rely on the auto-refresh third-party Chrome extension to provide what should be native functionality. This has side effects though that can cause erratic behaviour in the browser.

    The tickets also stopped auto-refreshing along with the views in the last few months and now requires a browser refresh "F5" (this is even without the third-party auto-refresh extension installed or any other extensions for that matter).

    That is a lot of manual work from support staff to make sure we don't miss tickets.

    We should not have to be installing 3rd party extensions, constantly clearing cookies and cached data and refreshing the browser, just to achieve what should be a base level of functionality.

    We are on an enterprise license and deal with a high volume of tickets and can't afford to be relying on manual refreshes to keep on top of tickets, that is what a ticketing system is for!

    Please provide a recent update on the progress of this issue as the last communication from the  ZenDesk development team was almost a YEAR ago from Salvador Vazquez on October 6th 2021.

  • Marcelo Peixoto

    Yes, please. Plus dark mode

  • Customer Support

    This is a joke and should be implemented.  There are other ticketing systems that are better and cheaper.

  • CJ

    Salvador Vazquez Are there any updates on this issue? The last update was nearly a year ago, to say there's no plans for this. This is the #10 most upvoted feature without a decision made about it. 

  • Barry

    Is there a roadmap to view what zendesk is working on as well as expected delivery dates?

  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1 as we also have very strict SLAs and when we move teams from Outlook to Zendesk, the expectation is that emails/tickets should show automatically and no action should be needed for Agents

  • Rice, Amanda (CI-StPaul)

    +1 - we need this functionality and would appreciate any updates from Zendesk


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