Support Needs BCC Option


  • warren.jones

    Hey Dave Dyson and Zendesk team ...

    It's been a while since there was an official public comment from Zendesk ...

    Any updates about this?


  • Pablo Garzon

    BCC is a must in all CRM. There are communication that you need to keep it hidden in a handy and easy way. We need these urgently please!

  • Jon Schlueter

    +1, this feature is definitely needed for our organization.  Please get this into your product roadmap.

  • Caroline Martinez

    Hi ZD Team, 

    The BBC function is necessary for our Support team! We have so many cases that require hiding admin's email addresses to avoid agents reaching out to them directly. It would also help hide employee email addresses that need to be notified without sharing in CC their contact information. Please consider adding this essential email feature.

    Thank you 

  • Thomas Lang

    Agreed. This functionality is needed


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