Attach document from Jira to Zendesk


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    David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @...,

    Thanks for providing this feedback! I've added your comments to the feature request and will provide an update when we decide to develop the feature.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to submit this request.



  • Pippa

    Also for the attachments, it would be great that when we click on "create issue" and get the screen pop up to enter the information to be able to attach from their a video or screenshot.

    Or in the description box again once clicked on "create issue", in that field to be able to paste pictures.

    Currently if a support member in zendesk needs to create a ticket in Jira, then like to do a summary of the issue by writing up each reproduced step of a bug with supporting screenshots, so would be useful if they could write that up on the description field after clicking on "create issue"


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