Enabling use of Light Agents in Triggers


  • Travis Tubbs

    This is a major limitation for us current as well. We want certain triggers and automations to only occur when the (Current User) or (Requester) is a light agent. But since light agents are considered "agents" in the conditions made available, this is not possible currently.

    Agents and Light Agents need to be separated out and not be considered the same when it comes to triggers and automations.

  • Ahmed Esmat

    Strongly need to build triggers around light agents actions. 

  • Iliyan Ganev

    That would be a very useful feature indeed


  • Tracy Leighton

    Strongly agree that light agent restrictions are not clearly aligned with most support cases we have. Allowing them to be in a trigger or automation would help. 

  • Marleen de Smet

    We need this feature as well. Since light agents forward e-mails to our CS mail adresses we would like the ticket to re-open as soon as an e-mail has been received. Light agents only consult the tickets and do not work in Zendesk. They use their Outlook to respond to an e-mail that was send through a pro-active ticket. 

  • [VI] Julia Laars

    "Can't: Be used as conditions in business rules: For example, you can't create a trigger that emails the agent assigned to the ticket when a user who is a light agent comments on it." (Understanding and setting light agent permissions – Zendesk help)

    This is exactly what we want to do. It doesn't make any sense that this is not possible as you can select any other agents.

    We need this please!

  • Leigh KELSEY

    Here to add another +1 to this request.

  • Joel Mayer

    +1  If a Light Agent has updated a ticket with information that's relevant to a ticket, how then should an Agent know that the information is available on the ticket? 

    I agree with Tyler Tew that being barred from all triggers and notifications is a step backward from simply being CCd.  A better option would be to allow limited ability to facilitate internal team processes at least to the level of what a CCd individual can do.

  • Stacy Robinson
    Zendesk Luminary

    I understand limiting the light agents activity, but I don't think it is unreasonable for admins to be able to create triggers/automations to improve workflow for the light agents. It would make the agent's lives better as well.

  • Lynn Voie

    +1 I am in total agreement with what everyone has stated here. This is really needed for our work flow.

  • Danny Grabacki

    I am in agreement with the larger group here as well! I can't understand why light agents should be restricted targets in triggers.  All I want to do is add a simple notification email when they are "@" mentioned on tickets that pops an alert into their inbox.  Going to do some digging and see if I can figure out a workaround, but hopefully Zendesk takes action on this!

  • Shona

    Any comment on this from a Zendesk Rep???

    There seems to be a bit of engagement on this topic. And I am also interested

  • Tarandeep Gohlar

    We thought it would be a good idea for our CSMs to be made light agents in Zendesk (to see and add internal comments to tickets should there be a need).

    It was recently found that having them as light agents in Zendesk caused problems with ticket submission and ticket update flows and triggers.


    • CSM submits a ticket - Comes into Zendesk support as an internal comment and therefore triggers will not fire to let them know that a ticket has been logged.
    • CSM updates a ticket by sending an email - Comes into Zendesk support as an internal comment and therefore triggers to update the ticket and move it from Pending state to Open state do not fire.

    A decision therefore has been made to downgrade them back to End users.

    Side note based on our experience: If you are a full agent (paid license), the above limitations are not experiences.

  • Francesca Roig

    Tarandeep Gohlar
    Both these issues can be worked around with triggers. I haven't done one for the first case, but for the second, here is how I handle it:

  • Tarandeep Gohlar

    Thanks for your feedback Francesca Roig

    I solved the second case with a similar trigger set up as below.

    I haven't been able to solved the first case but you've "triggered" me to want to re-visit it again before end of year :)


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