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  • Remi Saumet
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HI Reza Nadri,

    Thank you for your post today.

    In order to have of a context here, what do you mean by "set up JWT to submit tickets", do you have an example of what you are trying to achieve ?

    May I also know which feature you are referring to or any documentation that you followed so far to set this up?

    Thank you in advance,

    Have a great rest of your day!

  • Reza Nadri

    I'm trying the "Building a dedicated JWT endpoint for the Support SDK" to set up JWT identities instead of anonymous identity when submitting tickets through SDK. I am following this documentation: 

    Than you

  • Reza Nadri

    Hi @..., can you give me an update on this? We still haven't been able to use this method.


  • Sergei
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Good day, Reza

    Reason why you are seeing 403's when trying to authenticate your agents is that Mobile SDK was not designed with agents in mind, and there's no way to authenticate internal users in your app, as you have already proven.

    Here's an article that will answer your question in detail: Why do all requests from the Mobile Support SDK suddenly fail with a 403 Forbidden error code?

    For agents, we suggest to use our Mobile Support apps, which will allow agents to work on tickets and Mobile Chat app to serve chats.


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