How to see what users are searching for in the help centre?


  • Mikkel Linnebjerg

    Hi Rich!

    If I understand your question correctly this is what you are looking for, right?  

    This will show you the results of what people have been searching for in your Help Center.

    If you click through the different tabs (displayed at the number 3). Here you can see "total results", "results with no data", and "searches that lead to users creating a ticket", ect.    

    I hope that this has helped answer your problem. Otherwise, please let me know.  

    #helpsome regards,
    Mikkel Linnebjerg
    Zendesk Consultant @

  • Kyle Beaulieu
    Community Moderator

    Hi Rich,

    Did Mikkel answer your question or are you looking for something else? In Mikkel's screenshot, you can select different sections in step 3 to get more insight if the person searching had found an article or not. Let us know if there is anything further needed! 




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