I set up a trigger to send mail to notify agents in a group of new tickets but they are not receiving the email.



  • Jacob Johst Christensen

    Hi Kevin,

    You didn't include your trigger conditions, there may be something non-obvious there that is preventing your trigger from performing the action. Could you send a screenshot of your conditions?

  • Kevin Roussety

    Hi sorry for this late reply,

  • Jacob Johst Christensen

    No problem 😃

    Have you seen this trigger run on a ticket? This is visible from the ticket events log.

    There are a few possible explanations for why this trigger is not firing as expected, it could be that 

    • the ticket is not routed to the specified group at the ticket creation event, or
    • if the status is not new once the ticket is routed to the group

    From your description, it sounds like you want this group email to be sent out in the event there is an unassigned ticket in the specified group, you may want to consider something like this:

    This should be easy to test, if your agents still don't receive messages (and the trigger is running on the ticket), you may have an email delivery issue instead.

    I hope this helps you out. 

  • Kevin Roussety

    Hi Jacob J Christensen,

    Once again sorry for late reply, yes it worked now. Thanks for your help.


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