Hero image on the main page - What image resolution is needed to display correctly on large monitors



  • Isabella Vickers

    Yes! And how can we make it responsive on a smaller screen, but limit the size so it doesn't stretch out and become blurry on a large/wide screen? 

  • Clifford James Lacson

    Hello Екатерина,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    For the Home image and the Community image, the recommended size is 1600x300px.
    You can use an image that is less than 1600px wide if you are concerned about load time but ensures that your image is at least 300px in height so that it does not appear stretched. If the image exceeds the recommended size, the image is scaled to keep the aspect ratio constant and a maximum height of 300px.

    For the Community banner, the height should be less than 300px to avoid stretching.

    Kindly check this article to know more about it: Branding your help center

    Hope this helps!

    Clifford James Lacson |Associate Customer Advocate|

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