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    Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello to all who have jumped into this conversation - thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and concerns! Our roadmap planning is coming up and I will add this to our list of requested features to review. We hear you and will update this post once we have more information to share. You can expect another update from us next quarter!

  • Connor Beatty

    Please please please give admins or agents the ability to change the Tab Description from the Requester back to the ticket Title.

    This is a recent change apparently and interrupts my workflow. Ticket Titles provide much more context than the Requester can. There are often multiple requests from the same user, or tickets that come in from services. Having the Requester as the tab description provides zero context if you get a receipt or confirmation from a service.

    I look at ticket tabs to look for problems that need solving, and ticket Titles provide that context. They are also adjustable (let's say you need to change the title to better describe a problem).

    The worst part is when opening a tab, you can see the ticket Title as the description for just a split second. Then the ticker Requester overwrites it.

    Having even just a toggle to change the description to Titles instead of Requesters would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to participate in the Zoom conversation as well.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Hi, I´m Tobias from Germany!
    We changed from "old UI" to "Agent Workspace" and here is our list:

    • Title in Tab
      We have a "Ticket Subject Standardization" so we can easily see customer Product / Summary in Ticket Subject due to we modify each, this helps, if same Requester open multiple tickets and you review them for example, you can easily find it and no need to click through 10 tabs before you are on right track.

    • Close "All Tabs"
      With "Long Tickets", "Many Event Tickets"...(some tickets are longer open than 3 months with daily interactions, the tabs can hang frequently, we want a "Close All Tabs" button to speed up Zendesk without Browser Refresh need

    • Tab "Mouse-Over / Hover" Information
      This can include: Custom Fields, Last Updater (Assignee, Customer)
      It will help us to check i.e. few Information which can also be found in Org / User Tab when doing a reply i.e. after an Assignee Change, it can help to give new Agent the most info i.e. "Support Level, Contract Details, Sales Info

    • Tab Color / Effects
      a) Combines to Ticket Severity, the Tab could have Color i.e. Low = Green, Critical = Red
      b) SLA Tabs with effect, if less than 30 minutes Next Reply Time, the Tab may flash/change colour, to remind Agent, this is need due to our Agents work in Omni Channel and i.e. our "Gold Partner" have 2H SLA, they may open the Tab, grab a call from Talk which needs 1 hour and forgot about the previous Tab
      c) Tab "Open Time" can be count and also change it or Auto-Close Tab after X Time to bring Agents back to "View" to see SLA or new workload from here

    • Sticky Tabs
      Can bookmark some Tabs to review/stay open during the day, this could be helpful for a refresh or after lunchtime or meeting/interrupt, to know what needs to be done next

    • Grouping Features
      Currently, it can support a "More Button" if many tickets are open, we like a grouping in a kind of:
      a) per requester (Dropdown, to see all open tickets from this requester)
      b) per Status (not updated yet, updated, just open, ready to close due to recent upgrade)

      Thank you very much, we hope to see some of the features in Agent Workspace in future.

      Kind Regards,

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Hi! Thank you so much for seeking feedback!

    I agree that the change to the Requester Name on the Tabs was kind of a tough one to swallow. We want to see the Ticket ID and Title.  I, too, would like the ability to set our preferences as an admin.  In fact, it might be something you can allow the Agent to select? I see this as something that might be different for each agent....  

    Also, we'd love a "Close all tabs" option -- particularly when we have multiple open, we have to click x, x, x on each tab.

    I +1 to the suggestion to be able to easily reopen a tab I've mistakenly closed.

    Also, we'd LOVE to choose our own colors and contrast levels for the UI in general. I've worked on a couple of Zendesk accounts where the Agents had a difficult time seeing the tabs/lines easily. It's something about the contrast that seems to work against anyone with ADA needs, and even some that don't!

    Tabs are essential from within Zendesk since it can cause issues for accounts on Talk if you have more than 1 Zendesk browser open.

    If your work happens to include the panel on the left of the screen, please consider allowing us to adjust the panel width and/or collapse it. Adjusting it to be larger helps us when a field's options are too long for the panel. Collapsing it would give us more room to concentrate on our response to the customer while having the Apps framework open.

    Similarly, please allow us to expand or contract the tabs panel on top. Perhaps if we expand it down, we can see more of the content of the Ticket Title on the tabs, and/or allow us to see more than 1 row of tabs.

    Thank you again for soliciting our involvement! Truly appreciated!



  • Mira

    It'd be great to be able to drag the tabs around. Sometimes I'd like to organize them in a way that differs from the automatic way. I agree with everybody else that it would be cool to be able to change the information displayed in the ticket tab (perhaps to ticket fields, organizations, requester...)

    We use linkets (marketplace app) to link together related tickets. We found the parent/child system in Zendesk wasn't robust enough for our needs (we'd like full macro and other ticket capabilities in related tickets and for ticket fields to automatically generate in new related tickets). It would be very cool if linked ticket tabs would display in the same color or in a way that demonstrated they are related.

    We move very fast after submitting tickets and when we switch from a ticket we just updated to a new ticket tab, the ticket number from the updated ticket lingers. This means we often accidentally update the wrong ticket or copy the wrong ticket number. Example: I'm working on ticket 1234 and ticket 6789 is open in another tab. I reply to 1234 and submit as pending then click on the tab for 6789. Instead of the ticket number for 6789 displaying, we see 1234 in the URL. Sometimes the body of the ticket is 1234 and if an agent isn't paying attention they can send their update for 6789 to 1234.

    Colored dots will sometimes appear in my ticket tabs and I don't know what they mean. I asked a Zendesk support rep and they weren't sure either. It'd be nice if those dots indicated if a reply came in or the status of the ticket (closed, solved, pending, open).

  • Debra Travis

    Hi Zac - the difference is that in Chrome, I can right-click on each Zendesk ticket which will open up a series of tabs. In Zendesk, when I select a ticket, it opens that ticket in the window (if the ticket is closed) or it opens the ticket in a new tab (if the ticket is open) but it goes TO that tab. This makes it annoying and hard to open all of the tickets I need to open at once in order to review their past interactions. If that makes sense.

  • Sebastian Thiele

    I've got a lot of bad feedback after changing to Agent Workspace. The Tabs are no longer use full for my Agents. Before the Tab displayed the ticket title, now the Name of the Requester. It is very useful when a requester opens more than one ticket and one agent is woking on it. Or if the agent needs information from older tickets by the requester.

    So please return the ticket Title

  • Daniel

    Zac Garcia Jumping in here as I was directed that allegedly changing to the requester name in the tab was a conscious decision (!?). This is more of a bug than anything. Zendesk uses the `header-tab-title` /div to display the tab's contents. With agent workspace this (for some reason) fetches the requester's name. Without agent workspace, this properly returns ticket title. The object literally has "title" in the name. 

    Can you file a bug report to get this reverted? Yes, there is some lovely feedback in this thread that all should be heard and implemented, but the greatest issue is that there are several bugs that have been shipped with agent workspace that I have been told are features when this cannot be the case. The "ticket tab" title showing requester is chief among them. 


  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks Connor Beatty! I appreciate you sharing how you use the data (to look for problems, and to provide a descriptive context to help you return to the tab/ticket at a later time) and what workflows run into issues when Requester name is used (like when requests come in through an API integration!).

  • Debra Travis

    One thing that would be helpful is when I select a ticket from a list of tickets for a user, if it opened in a new tab instead of in the existing tab. I like to open all of the relevant tickets at one time and order them for review and don't use the tab function in Zendesk at all because it is easier to open multiple new tabs in Chrome at one time from the central list of tickets.

  • Nick S

    +1 for Skyla's comment above. Since the change to Agent Workspace we have frustrated agents who want the Subject of the ticket to appear in the tab navigation bar rather than requester name, especially when dealing with multiple tickets from the same person. I understand it may be useful to some, so at least having the Admin setting to toggle between them would be useful. 

    Also would love a 'Close All' feature for tickets in the tab navigation bar. 


    Hi guys,

    My wishlist : 

    - Put the close button "x" at the left of the tab instead of right, it's easier to close tabs without moving the mouse because tabs are resized...

    - Like other comments, a "close all" button could be interesting

    - Possibility to customize the displayed text (requester is not a good idea, subject is more interesting for us)

    - Bookmark tabs/tickets to retrieve them more easily

    - Change color of some tabs 


    Best regards


  • Angelique Paulus
    • In alignment with the comment from Connor Beaty, I think an option to also show the ticket organization name next to the requester and/or subject would be great. Or at least have that shown when hovering over the ticket tab. A large part of our support is business to business and to know the organization the ticket is concerned with is key information. 
    • Have an option to view recently closed tabs and being able to open them up again from that section.
    • Option to have the "views' screen also open up as a tab rather than on top of the screen with tickets would be helpful to easily switch to a list of actions to do and open tickets. Or if that is not wanted for all customer, have some kind of method of pinning it as a tab, if desired by end-user. 


  • bill cicchetti

    I would love for newly created tickets or updated tickets to show as a tab.  Too many times when creating a ticket you get the notification that a ticket was created bu if you dont click the link in the message you have to go back and find the ticket.

  • Jeff Pairis

    Hi Zac Garcia,

    Thanks for allowing us to provide you with feedback! 

    I would love to have a 'new View' where I can find all tickets with me in CC (that are not marked Solved)

    Currently is it difficult to stay on top of tickets that are not assigned to me, as they are raised. But as the representative, I'd like to monitor the entire ticket.

    This 'CC View' would really solve that problem!

  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks Angelique Paulus! Could you elaborate on how you use Organization information when identifying the ticket you want to switch to, and how the lack of that information impacts your workflow today?

    Connor Beatty and Angelique Paulus - have you tried the Recently Viewed Tickets popout? If not, does this meet your needs?

    Right now, we're focused on the tabs you use to switch between open tickets. But all of your feedback is being heard!


  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you Mira! What ticket fields would be helpful, and how would that make your team faster?

    Also, how do you decide when to link tickets together? When would an agent typically view linked tickets together in the same window, and how frequently does this happen? Do you ever need to group tickets together that aren't "linked"?

    Also - our Community team will create a ticket on your behalf to dive a little deeper into the issue of Ticket ID not updating when you change context quickly.

    Everyone who shared has brought a new and unique perspective, and I look forward to hearing from even more of our great community!

  • Mira

    Hi Zac! Thanks for commenting on my feedback.

    It's hard to say what will actually help make my team faster without trying it, but it's possible that using custom fields in the ticket tabs would help. For example, Our business is a marketplace and we have 2 groups of customers: merchants and buyers. This means that we usually have 2 tickets for any specific order: one exchange with the merchant and one exchange with the buyer. We created custom fields so we can manually add internal information like order numbers to tickets (and have them autofill in macros, which is super cool). Right now a ticket tab displays part of the ticket subject and the Zendesk ticket number. But it's possible that, for us, seeing the subject and the order number would be more helpful. Or the merchant and customer names with the order number. We'd have to experiment to see what works. 

    You asked: "Also, how do you decide when to link tickets together? When would an agent typically view linked tickets together in the same window, and how frequently does this happen? Do you ever need to group tickets together that aren't "linked"?"

    The short version of my answer: they are related to the same order or complaint, almost every time we respond to a ticket it is related to another, yes we do need to group related tickets.

    So this is actually the functionality we use most that Zendesk provides least. As I mentioned above, we are acting as middlemen between merchants and buyers. Most interactions revolve around a sale (order). So if customer A complains about Order 1234, we need to reach out to merchant B. This means there are at least 2 tickets that are closely related for most Customer Support interactions. When you add to that the fact that a customer might email twice or email and call in and leave a voicemail about the same topic, we often have even more than 2 tickets to link.

    We tried the Zendesk feature of making child tickets, but we couldn't use macros and the functionality of the child ticket was just too limited. We switched to using "linkets" in the Zendesk marketplace (app). That works well, but it's as robust as we'd like. To use it you search for the related Zendesk ticket number in your current ticket and then link them as parent, child, or related. The custom fields don't copy over to the new related ticket (we'd like them to), the labels for the linked tickets are limited and customizable, and you have to link the ticket that's been around longer to the new one (if you search a new ticket's number in the old ticket's sidebar, no results will come up), oh! and you can't link closed tickets (which is understandable, but for proactive texts, annoying).

    Thanks for creating a support ticket about the lingering ticket numbers in the tabs.


  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Wow, I love to see this conversation keep going!

    Debra Travis I'd love to learn more about how Chrome tabs are more useful to you than Zendesk tabs. What do you like better about the Chrome tabs? What are you usually working on when you're researching a user's profile and opening multiple tickets for review?

    Tobias Hermanns could you share more about how you're creating tickets? If you're creating them through the Agent Interface, there's an option in the bottom toolbar to Stay on Ticket. More information under "bottom toolbar" here! Does this meet your needs?



  • Mira

    I agree! I also use an app to "link" related tickets and having the ability to expand/open all the related tickets in tabs at once would be very cool.

    Chrome also introduced colored categories for tabs which I think can be helpful. Perhaps in Zendesk tabs for tickets from the same end-users or organizations (or specific ticket field criteria) could be the same color.

  • Karim Labed

    Hi everyone,

    I noticed that we have to go, from the ticket to the profile page to find out the requester e-mail.

    Before, It appears directly on the ticket, now it takes more time for my team to copy/paste the e-mail on our back-office.

    Is it planned to be updated ?


  • Edwin Schukking

    Hi Karim Labed,

    Could you perhaps share a screenshot of a ticket (personal information obscured, of course)?

    Because in my Zendesk situation when I open a ticket, I click on the 'avatar' icon on the right, and the email address of the end-user is displayed. Moreover, when I click there on the email address, it is copied and ready to be pasted in any of our other platforms. To me, this does not take me extra time over the previous situation (you described).

    Perhaps this is your situation as well, but in that case, please elaborate on why this bothers you.

    Thank you in advance!

  • dungndq

    Hi Zac Garcia,

    Currently, I understand Zendesk switched to a new UI called "Agent Workspace" that unified all messaging channels into one single interface and replaced the old chat UI.
    Anyway, the problems will come when there are lots of messages coming to agents at the same time, the chatting tabs will show horizontally as below and it can show only 4-5 visible tabs and if more than that, the agent has to click "More" to see others messages => this causes lots of inconveniences and slow down the agent performance.
    A agent normally servers about ~20 customers via chat at the same time, they are expecting to have a better UI that can show all the chat messages (show vertically for example) they are serving in order to optimize their performance.
    Below is the UI in their laptop for you to feel their inconveniences when supporting multiple customer requests.

  • Megan L

    Having the ticket title in the tab rather than the requester is a much better agent experience.  We recognize tickets more easily by the issue or question it contains. 

    Moving the X to the left of the tab so you can close them when they are resized would be helpful.

    Having the eye appear on tabs so you know if someone else is currently viewing the ticket would be a nice to have.

  • Tobias Hermanns


    when can we expected the raised changes?


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