Zendesk use significant memory when process with Safari.


  • Raoul de Grunt

    We are seeing the same behavior, even Safari automatically refreshing the page:

    I hope there is any news out there, or should we send an email to the support team?

    Kind regards,

    Raoul de Grunt
    WoodWing Software

  • john_weng 翁維澤

    It may be a compatibility issue with the extended function "Grammarly", the issue does not occur after disabling it from Safari.

  • Dave Chapman

    Hi John, I see the same trouble with Grammarly disabled. I have the latest software updates and a 9-month-old Macbook Air.

    This morning, Zendesk was using 21GB of my laptop's memory within 20 minutes of starting my day.

    I'd be grateful if you can point me to some help in troubleshooting. It appears that when I'm affected by a memory leak, which slows down my laptop until it crashes. This happens most days.


  • Tomas Hartvig

    Same here. Zendesk, you do not care? 

  • AntonMi

    In my case its 100% CPU and 1G of memory per zendesk instance. That's too much. 

  • Octave Wang

    Same thing on 1G of memory and 100% CPU per tab here. This will need fix

  • Steven Ramos

    I have the same experience with an older i7 MacBook Pro with 16gb as well as an i5 MacBook Air with 8gb.


    With general browsing, these machines are plenty capable. ZenDesk is always the process hogging the most CPU and RAM resources. 

  • Lee Richards

    Any further updates this? Seeing it on a Mac Mini M2 Pro with 16GB RAM.

  • AntonMi

    In my case the issue persists. I had to switch to Firefox, to make it a bit better. 

  • James

    Also seeing this issue.

    ~45% CPU and 2.5GB of memory after about 15 minutes of usage.

    M1 Mac w/ macOS 13.2.1

    This can't be normal, right?


  • mws

    Same here - this has been happening for so long that we've just ignored it and lived with it...until Zendesk decided to completely break the text editor in Safari!



    Ha - problem solved, right? 😂 Now you have to use Chrome because it's even more painful in Safari!


    Absolutely cannot wait to never use Zendesk again. We're finalizing our migrate to HelpScout this week. 

  • iViking

    This obviously still hasn't been addressed! Come on Zendesk!!!


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