Merging should set the ticket merged into, to the most open status of the merged tickets


  • Juan Du

    +1 for this feature!

  • 10X Genomics

    +1 It's easy to miss an update wit the current behavior

  • Rachana Jain


  • Automate My Store
    we were dealing with exactly the same problems as you.
    We now created an app for us to solve this issue once and for all. If you want it too, check it out here:
    It checks if the same customer (email) opened multiple tickets (new, open, pending) and notifies you in the sidebar if the current ticket has any duplicates (by showing you the subjects & an extract of the message)
    You then just need to click 1 button and merge them all or unselect a few, if you don't want to merge them all (e.g. because it's a different problem)
    The merged tickets will be solved/closed automatically and it automatically adds a private note with a link to the ticket this was merged into, so your tickets stay organized. The merged ticket's status changes to open, just like you want it to work.
    It's super simple & efficient, and we tested it with 10,000s of our own tickets.
    And let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions to improve it
  • Juan Du

    Thank you for replying to us regarding this new feature/app. 
    I can see it could be helpful for some use cases (the same customer with the same email sent in multiple requests on the same matter). 
    However, one of our primary use cases is merging 'child' tickets (generated by an automated system with a generic email address) to the 'parent' ticket (with actual customer emails). As you can see, the child and parent tickets we want to merge are not from the same email address in our use case. Therefore, this new app is not helpful for us in this scenario.
    Feel free to email me if you need more clarification on our feature request. Thanks, Juan  

  • CJ Johnson

    Thanks, but what I really need is for the system to stay as it is, but allow for this behavior. I cannot allow agents using a tool like that, as we have multiple lines of business and merging a customer ticket for one team, with that same customer ticket for another team, would be extremely bad. 

  • sorin

    Juan Du If you are looking to merge tickets that are not from the same email addres, you should consider our Auto-Merge Tickets app. We can customize the app to use any duplicate criteria, not just the same requester. For example, we have customers using the app to merge automated tickets from Paypal to the actual email from the customer, based on the Order ID that is mentioned in the ticket body (even though the actual requester is different).

    CJ Johnson if you are open to consider an automated solution for ticket merging, our Auto-Merge Tickets app sets the status of the merged into ticket to Open automatically after the merging is done. So no need to do extra manual steps for this.

    Our app is published on the Zendesk's app marketplace here:

  • Juan Du

    Thanks Sorin for the quick reply.

    For our team, we are not interested in trying that app at the moment (since we are not interested in auto merging). All we wanted now is for the parent/primary ticket's status to change from pending to open when we merge other tickets into that pending ticket. Or what CJ Johnson mentioned in the initial request also sounds reasonable to us. 

  • Automate My Store

    Hi Juan Du & CJ Johnson

    ok, clear now. That's right for your use case the app won't help. Feel free to contact us at to discuss your app requirements in detail.

    Have a nice day!


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