Scheduling a Trigger


  • Nina Olding
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @..., thanks for the feedback. Would you mind sharing a little more about the specific use cases this would address? I can hazard some guesses but it would be great if you could share more about the need for a Wednesday EoD rule to run rather than having automations handle these as they arise. Thanks!

  • Charles Stover

    Easy: say I have an agent that only works a half week as part of their schedule.  I already have an automation escape in place that checks to see if the calendar hour SLA is greater than business hour SLA by a significant margin to bump off tickets that would remain assigned to them but should be handled by another agent, but tickets that have already breached SLA don't end up getting caught by the automation.  So at the end of that person's schedule for their week, I'd need all of their tickets to be reassigned (more simply, unassigned would work).


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