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    Amy Lee
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Grammarly should be supported with the Agent Workspace composer! Please reach out to our support team if you are experiencing issues. Thank you!

  • Kyle Pinkley

    We would also like to see Grammarly support added when "Enable fix for composer" is disabled.

  • Edwin Schukking

    I am probably searching in all the wrong places, but where in Zendesk Workspace can I find the feature "Enable fix for composer" ?

  • Aubree
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Edwin,

    Upon checking, it seems that this option, "Enable fix for composer" which should be found in the Agent Workspace Settings under Admin icon () > Settings > Agents > Agent Workspace is no longer present for there's no fallback editor. However, there aren't any known issues caused by interactions with Grammarly and the current editor.

    I hope this helps! 


    Aubree Rose Mia | Customer Advocate

  • jonathan.hebert1235

    Hello, Aubree and Zendesk support.

    I am still experiencing issues using Grammarly within the Agent Workspace in Zendesk. Most often, the issues related to Grammarly getting confused about spaces. Sometimes the space that should be between two words is removed. Usually, when this happens, the missing space will be perceived by Grammarly, but when the option to correct this is clicked, nothing happens, and a space does not separate the two words. 

    Do you know if this is a known issue, and if so, are you aware of a fix for this bug?

    I am using a Mac with the following:

    • Mac OS - 13.0.1 v(22A400)
    • Chrome - Version 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) (x86_64)
    • Zendesk - Version: 16137 (836cc08b5ff0a9217564f358fc1146d46d7aa4ad)
    • Grammarly Chrome extension - Version 14.1087.0
    • Grammarly Desktop for Mac - Version


    Thank you


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