Feature request: Edit/delete a comment on a ticket

Not planned


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    Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! This is a request we have heard several times over the years. The product team has evaluated the suggestion and weighed the pros and cons, and ultimately determined that ticket comments are intended to be a System of Record, and enabling edits would break the integrity of that record. 

  • keno

    I see your point.

    Even from that viewpoint, we can "mark" a comment deleted and hide it by default like resolved comment thread of GitHub PR. Doesn't it work?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    That is a fair point and a potential solution to the problem. It would be a substantial change to the core functionality of the product, however. I will pass the suggestion along to the product team and they'll follow up here if they have additional thoughts or questions.

  • James Powell

    I would value this.  Often there's junk in an originating email which obscures the actual question (ranging from 'hello how are you' paragraphs to embedded images from the signature, etc) and I would like to log a summary of the issue as a comment and hide the original comment so it's there for reference.

    Currently I create a new ticket by hand and delete the original, which is a little counter to Zendesk's stated objective of being the system of record

  • Stijn Agten

    If people accidentally paste a password in plain text in a comment you want the option to edit this. If people add a comment on the wrong ticket by accident you want to edit this. In general: you want to be able to correct mistakes in the best possible way.

    Ran into this post: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408881744282-Can-I-edit-a-ticket-comment-once-it-has-been-added-to-a-ticket-

    Which is a good start but common, it's 2022. Also reading these destructive comments: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4409222727194-Edit-internal-notes

    It's an IT system. It is possible to implement audit trails or whatever clever way to deal with this. Just stating it is a System of Record to me sounds like "it will require huge code changes and we're not ready for that". You really need to listen to your customers or it will hurt your business eventually.

  • Joel

    This really needs to be implemented. Other ticketing systems are able to handle audit trails just fine.

  • Andy M.

    I would like to enable my agents to be able to edit or delete comments. This should be a decision of the administrator to enable or disable the ability for their service requests to be edited/deleted. Not sure why ZenDesk company feels the need to enforce such a strict refusal on this. Give the option to your clients. 

    My previous employment we used a ticketing system that allowed us to edit or delete comments, and we used that feature sparingly, and appropriately. It was a nice feature to have.

  • Chretien Mayes

    I would like for this to be added to Zendesk to allow myself and my team the ability to handle mistakes from customers. We have a number of Points of Contact that email multiple questions in separate email threads on the same day and then end up crossing their wires on which topic they are discussing in a thread. In these cases, after they've sent the email to the wrong thread they send a copy to the correct thread to get back on track. However, this makes a mess of the comments on a ticket and causes more time, on my teams part, trying to sort out which comments apply to the actual ticket. So, we end up going back through after the issue is complete and just sending a manually edited email thread that contains only the pertinent information to make a new ticket and deleting the original.

    Honestly, I'm truly surprised that Zendesk doesn't have the ability to delete comments. I agree with the comment above that preventing the ability to edit/delete comments should be the choice of the account admin. This seems to be a HUGH omission to allowing agents and admins to work efficiently and truly knocks Zendesk down in value.

  • Luis GM

    There is no excuse for not being able to remove or edit comments on a ticket. People make mistakes. Managers want to clear up superfluous information. Confidential information needs to be removed. 

    Is the "Redact"  a billable program? If so, that makes Zendesk's excuses for a common feature almost anywhere else dubious. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Luis, it looks like you've found this, but just for anyone else reading, the Ticket Redaction app is free.
  • Chris Emerson

    Dear God please add the ability to edit comments - even just the site admin if nothing else. Having to live with typos that are sometime very confusing is extremely frustrating and insanely backwards. 🙏🏻 


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