Ticket views with added colours?


  • Gerardo

    I agree with Ken, it would be beneficial to have tickets coloured backgorund by tags, groups or priority, so that agents can differentiate and avoid mistakes. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Hi Ken, 
    I've been investigating similar things, and you might find this Chrome extension does what you want while you wait for this feature request: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zest-the-zendesk-colour-c/kohidmaedanhmmhkhkbeaonheneldfbi

    It was a little tricky to understand how to use it, the "categories" are the columns and the values in them, so you could put "urgent" as a category, and if the view you were looking at has priority as a column, the urgent priority tickets will get highlighted with the color you set. 

  • Gerardo

    Hey CJ Johnson,

    Thanks for the hint, is this something only for me personally, not applicable for all agents right?

  • Ioannis Nanos

    Thank you CJ Johnson.

    When do you expect though to have that feature in production? 


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