How can I split a ticket natively?


  • Edwin Schukking

    Hi Maude,

    Not to be too bold on a Sunday morning, as you are here to help us out, but Joao was actually asking *why* Zendesk is not supporting this basic feature natively?

    And actually, what at least I am looking for, is a feature to fork or split the tickets from the start. Because yes, it happens that end clients ask a new question after their initial issue had been solved. But they also often report unrelated issues in their initial ticket and to be able to fork these at that moment into not one but multiple tickets, that would help and, and I might not have checked their website too carefully, that is not what this app seems to be able to do. 

    Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks in advance! ☺ 


  • Jeremiah Owen

    Count me in on the "why isn't this already baked in?" crowd.

  • Dean Kongslie

    We need this feature!  Upvote to have incorporated.

  • Jeremy Mifsud

    This feature would definitely be useful to have in Zendesk natively. It would help with features like Explore and reports as well. I often encounter users that keep using the same ticket, so instead of 2 or 3 one-touch tickets, now we have a longer ticket. And if users have multiple queries in same ticket, it's easy to skip/forget one of them that is still open if the ticket is being updated with other queries/responses.

  • DealCloud 1 DealCloud

    This is another function that comes standard with other ticketing systems, but Zendesk pushing an API.

  • Sascha Korinth

    We also often have the problem that our customers use the same email instead of writing a new one. Unfortunately, education is not possible, we have tried that for years. ;)
    It would be a huge help for us if Zendesk implements a feature to split these tickets again. With more than 100 users, 3$ per user/month for Split 'n' Close is not an option for us.

    Therefore, I agree with the previous speakers and kindly ask Zendesk to take note and implement it.

    Have a nice weekend in advance.

  • Brian Powell

    100% agree this should be a built-in feature. It is very cumbersome to use workarounds. Ever trying to make our workflow easier... Please, zendesk, this feature would be invaluable.

  • Matthew Cowperthwaite

    +1 upvote.   This is definitely a feature we would use.

  • Sanjeev Srivastav

    Upvoting the request to split/fork tickets

  • Ken Bauer

    Checking in a year later to say this is still a feature that I'm flabbergasted to discover doesn't already exist. Even Jira (AKA the worst helpdesk platform in existence) could do it, so this is a pretty glaring omission.

  • Philipp Schumacher

    I am a bit disappointed to find out it is not supported native too. Please add this feature!

  • Fabio

    For us the Side conversation Child Tickets could be an option for that. But right now some Features are still missing for us to use this. I added a comment to the Announcement article right here if you want to give this some votes:

  • Alan Chan

    Does the article still exist? It says that I'm not authorized to access the page even though I'm signed in as a user. I was going to add my vote but no luck there.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Alan,

    The side conversations announcement article is the Fabio refers so has been archived -- we generally do that to announcements articles once a feature has been released for a while. Adding your use case and upvoting this thread is your best course of action to add visibility to our product team on this request. Thanks!

  • Alan Chan


  • Nalli Silk Sarees Pvt Ltd

    100% upvoted !!

  • Benjamin Thomas

    This would help us tremendously as well.  Upvoted!

  • Héctor Valenzuela

    100% Upvoted, this will helps us to have everything more organized.

  • Malcolm

    Yes please, we do need this - especially for a system we're paying quite a lot of money for. It is very frequent that situations occur where we would want to do this and logging new tickets manually is cumbersome and inefficient.

  • Rolf Hayes

    would help us too.  Often getting one customer emailing us about multiple properties and we then need to manually create a second ticket to keep each individual property tracked and reported on for our KPI's.  +1 upvote.

  • Ashley Moore

    +1 for this to be a native feature, its needed as end users often reply to existing tickets about separate issues where as each issue requires a ticket.

  • Ronit Gieske

    This is basic functionality that is necessary for proper ticket handling. Split n Close app only functions properly if you adopt the paid version and paying $3/user/month is absolutely ludicrous. 
    How can we upvote this a million times?  Zendesk are you listening? 


  • Rolf Hayes

    Ronit Gieske unfortunatly I have also had the feeling that Zendesk aren't listening to upvoting and comments on here and other topics.  As have many others and some topics, years after having been posted and upvoted 100s of times is still not developed in to ZD Suite.  It is why we as well as others are considering other help desk platforms if not have moved already.

    Maybe ZD will see this and help us. 

    Sorry Zendesk but had to.  Rant Over.

    Look forward to your help.

  • Leon Arnold

    Upvoting this. It's quite bizarre that such a basic functionality is not available natively.

    I hope the Zendesk team understand that Support is not only about solving issues. We need to document it properly and measure each incoming ticket with relevant timestamps and metrics.

  • Maude

    Hi Joao,

    Splitting tickets is not supported natively in Zendesk. The app Split n Close that you've found is usually the one we would recommend you to use.

    Hope that stills helps!


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