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  • James Hanley
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Bryce,

    James here from the Product team. Thanks for your feedback. 

    Can you elaborate a little more on your workflow and customer types?

    This is an area of the product we're interested in understanding more about – I'm curious, if your agents could edit the user or organisation directly in the ticket would that address your need? Or is there a workflow that occurs after the ticket update that needs the ticket tags first?


  • Bryce Chee

    Hey James,

    Workflow: I need to be able to identify and group users so that I can set up desired triggers and automation actions. Examples would be to allocate priority, group tickets, inform other teams when a ticket related to them comes in without having to have a person re-tag the ticket when it comes in.

    We tag tickets with the relevant user tags, I don't want to have to re-evaluate someone I have already spent time understanding.

    However, going into each user and updating their details is too slow and inefficient in the current workflow. I'd even argue that it does not feel natural to do so. Hence I've initially requested the ability to Set User Tags as an option within Triggers so that they automatically copy-paste themselves in.

    Sales - Existing enterprise customer, Potential sales lead

    Support/Community - Bug reporter

    Demographic - AEC, Education, Law, etc

    ^ some of the tags we have.

    What we're looking out for is to be able to drill down better into reporting, on which customers want which kinds of features, or experience what kinds of pain.


    Editing user or organizational tags within the ticket:

    Technically, yes! However, I am leaning towards having the flexibility of drop-down menus/the usual ticket field options to be able to do so. I do not want the rudimentary 'typing and pray that the tag you want is there' as it requires all agents to have the knowledge of all possible tags, and tags they should/shouldn't be using (referring to legacy tags).

    We rely on the way the ticket fields are currently displayed to provide context as to what else we should be tagging.

  • Robert Bryan

    Hi Bryce,

    Thank you for sharing these additional details!

    Based on what it sounds like you are trying to achieve could I kindly recommend that you check out our resource on automatically tagging tickets from specific users and organizations. The guidance here suggests some steps that you can take to automatically add tags and how can use these tags in turn as conditions within your triggers to help route tickets to specific agents or groups (please also see here).

    Going further you can create additional triggers that look for certain tags as part of their conditions and even use them to apply additional tags in tickets if necessary. What's more, you could also consider making use of macros to set tags whereby the agent is able to read a description of the macro in advance which could help to take away some of the guesswork as to what they should be applying in tickets. 

    I hope that these suggestions prove useful as you continue to build out your business rules.



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