Ability to restrict/hide "share" zendesk ticket field to certain groups


  • Kate

    We also would like to be able to restrict who is able to share tickets in our instance. The reason this is important: We run a large instance with ~30 teams and only two of them should be able to share tickets with the other instance. This has restricted us from being able to add ticket sharing for years. We would like to use this functionality but need this feature before we can move forward.

  • Nicholas Blessel

    Similar to the above, we have IT teams across two ZenDesk instances that need to be able to collaborate on tickets. Both instances have departments that should not have access to open these paths of communication.

  • Jason Ortega

    I thumb this up but I have the more general need of only showing ticket fields to Agents that belong to a certain group. Conditional ticket fields do not satisfy this either.


    Thank you!

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jason,
    For hiding ticket fields by group, have you seen the Ticket Field Manager app? That might do what you need.
  • Steven Underwood

    I can confirm using Ticket Field Manager app and hiding the field "sharedWith" hides this field.


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